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Thread: what do you think about anavar + winstrol + deca + bold + test e

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    Default what do you think about anavar + winstrol + deca + bold + test e

    I have not been running any cycle in long time. I am fit 6 feet tall about 210 lbs, fit, low BF, 40yo.

    I think first 6 weeks

    anavar + winstrol + test e + hCG (250 mg e3d to the end of cycle)

    then after 6 weeks

    bold + deca + test e

    bold 14 weeks and deca 10 week +/- one or two weeks depending on gains


    I did before winstol. deca, bold and other shit many times

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    Why wait on ther bold and deca? They should both be run from day one to be able to see any results from them. Even then 14 weeks is a bit short for those compounds. Also running winny and var together is a not so good idea. A LOT of stress on the liver and your blood counts in general.
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    most of the cycle I did were oils 12 - 14 weeks

    I do not want to put too much shit into my body at once

    so I though about running two cycles and joing them maybe I will get better results

    I heard that people are gettign good results from switching gear during cycle to another

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    Your 2 cycle idea will be way harder on the body than if you just ran a deca enth cycle for 16+ weeks

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    Test E and Deca. Deca needs to be run at least 12 weeks. I am on sust 250 and Deca and after 6 weeks it's really kicken in.

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