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Thread: Test your shit, from home!!!

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    Default Test your shit, from home!!!

    Any of you guys seen this shit??? Very interesting... steroid test kit

    I have some gear and could not resist to buy

    anybody tried too ? I have seen people on other board using it and happy with results.

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    Lab max, I've seen a lot of results of tests. I haven't used one personally

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    I bought this labmax test kit, I am just tired asking all the time if it is legit. I like this kit, I though that maybe somebody is using it here.
    Here is some test of anavars only one was good.

    the good one look like on labmax web page
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    I've not used it personally but know people who swear by it.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    i personally like trial by fire haha

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