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Thread: More Dylan Gemelli 5% bf updated pics! Abs and Back....

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    This site has deteriorated so fast with all this SARMS1 BS.... I remember coming to this site looking for answers for what to run for my first cycle. You know what the answer was? 500mg of Test a week w/ Adex and Nolva for PCT. No SARMS1, N2BM quadrupedal stack promising sick shredded gains. Vets like Florida, Dan, Buf, and few others pointed me in the right direction and I've attained a staggering amount of knowledge since.

    The reason everyone is being "dramatic" as YOU clowns put it is because this site is about running shit responsibly and safely... not selling fucking supplements to negate the negative effects of mega dosing shit while being in caloric deficit year round.

    You may think you know a shitload about gear and cycles, but it's blatantly obvious you N2BM schmucks know jack shit about nutrition and a little something called metabolic damage. Hell, you probably still think eating small meals throughout the day "stokes the metabolic fire" lol.

    I think danno and coast are basically preaching what everyone else that used to frequent this site is thinking.

    Oh and just so you know I'm not full of shit, this is me for a shoot at sub 7% bodyfat..... I was natural at this point at 200lbs. It's not that hard, you just don't want it bad enough cry baby (not directed at Dylan, regardless of how I feel I still respect how he wants to look despite running that much shit. This is directed to the other "LOLMODERATORS" disrespecting danno cause he's right lol.)

    - Pic removed due to internet detectives lol
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    Hard work and dedication right there! Dooder, how many SARMS and N2BM products were you on?? Just curious?? Oh you were Natty.....then just hard work/diet/supplementation contributed to that look then.....weird! And you were 200lbs....ENOUGH SAID...BOOOM!

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    I think I'm done with this site simply for the reason that you can't have a discussion without name calling, banning, etc. It really has gone to shit. You can't learn if you can't have a discussion, calling people drama queens and what not is beyond childish.

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    It's been an interesting discussion. Tankyou everyone that participated in it. but I'm closing this thread.
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