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Thread: What is an effective dosage of Stanozolol

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    Post What is an effective dosage of Stanozolol

    Stanozolol 100 per ml

    Just wonering how much and how often to take this. Gonna do a 20CC cycle (2 bottles). Thanks in advance for the help

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    Hey man, give us some more info on yourself and your cycle! Age, weight, height, body fat %? What are your goals for this cycle?

    I like winny along side an injectable testosterone, 60mg a day was very good for me, i got much harder and more defined while i was cutting, and it increased vascularity also.

    I would not recommend a stanzolol only cycle.

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    Is 60 to 70 mg every three days sufficient enough for an eight to ten week cycle in the winnie?using 250mg test enathanate every four days. Need feed back on whether or not to take nolvadex and hcg as pct.

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