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Thread: Bridging off of Tren A

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    why not just get test p instead, start it when its gets in and it will be in full flow by the time you are done with youre tren run. ?

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    Yea thats a good Idea JoeHammer

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    Quote Originally Posted by baredownandride View Post
    Normally I wouldnt run with out some form of test but this was my 1st time taking Tren & I wanted to see how my body reacted to it by itself & make sure I didnt have any crazy sides from it. Week 5 & only thing ive had is a lil night sweats which arent even that bad. Everything else has been great. I have slept like a baby & no other issues have been found. So next time I run tren I will run it a lil higher & stack it on top of Test E & maybe some Mast E
    I have a bro who swears by tren solo. I can't imagine it but I see your reasoning from an experimental standpoint. I personally love TRT doses of test when running stacks anyway.

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