I was thinking of running this cycle 8-12 wks for the summer. I want some good clean gains and this cycle seems like it will do the job. Please provide me with any knowledge or advice you guys think will work in my benefit. Thanks!


A: 32 yrs
H: 5'6
W: 190
BF%: 12-15?
Diet: Paleo
Workout: M-F for 1hr 30min I work on strength and conditioning at the gym with some weight training and 30min of cardio.


ORALS: Anavar 50mg, Winstol 50mg, Primo 25mg

INJECTIONS: Test C 250mg, Test E 250mg , Mast E 200mg, Tren A 75mg, Tren E 200mg, Primo Depot 100mg, Winstrol (oil base) 100mg

I have done gear from the age of 20yrs till now. My max doses of orals was no more than 50mgs a day. My max dose injection form was 900mg a wk but I generally inject weekly doses of at least 500mgs, whether it be combined or not, which I can say from experience I have received great results and they were easily kept.

This cycle I am inquiring about. I was thinking of running it like so........


TEST C 250mg a wk for 12wks
MAST E 200mg a wk for 12wks
TBOL 20mgs a day for 8wks

PCT: I will just do what I always do and that is do TRT combine with HCG 5000iu for about 90 days since my doctor knows I cycle on and off so he nurses me back to healthy Testosterone levels.

ADVICE: I want to know from any of you guys on this forum if you have any suggestions or advice on how you would run it and if your wondering why I chose this cycle is because from my research Test runs better with either Master or Tbol so I figure why not run all three since I have done plenty of other common cycles. Why not try his one out and see what happens?