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Thread: AG Guys 20% off Memorial Day Sale!!

  1. Default AG Guys 20% off Memorial Day Sale!!

    In honor of Memorial Day, AG Guys is giving all of its customers a very nice discount on their high quality research chemicals.

    With the code 20OFFMD, you can take 20% off of your order!

    The sale expires Tuesday morning, so take advantage of the savings while you can!
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    Great offer here you guys! AG rarely has deals like this so take advantage.

    I would be getting your Caber (Liquid Dostinex), Aromasin, Nolva, Clomid.. Even the Cialis and Viagra

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    very nice.. I took advantage and loaded the boat in AI's, Cialis and more goodies

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    Wow, this is rare. Use this code AND spend over $100, 200, etc.. To get 1 free bottle, 2 free bottles, and so on. Aromasin, Liquidex, Nolva, oh my!!

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    Bump.. grab this code guys

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    Hell of a sale here. Def gotta pick up some ancillaries while this is going on.

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