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Thread: German Volume training + Cycle, any thoughts?

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    Default German Volume training + Cycle, any thoughts?

    Hi Fellas,

    I will be starting my 3rd cycle some time late august/early September. My cycle will be Test Prop, Masteron Prop and Anavar added during the last 6 weeks. My goal from this cycle is to gain 8-10 pounds of clean muscle while losing as much body fat as i possibly can, i am currently at 8-9% BF. My stats are 28 years old, 5'9 186 pounds around 8-9% BF.

    I came across German Volume training the other day and was wondering what you guys think if i did this workout (tweaking it a bit to what i need) during my cycle. MY diet is clean and i am working on making it cleaner. Just wanted to know what you all think. The 2 links below explain more about what german volume training is

    A Complete Guide To 10×10 GVT

    Thanks in advance
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    anyone? any advice fellas?

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