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Thread: Appendix surgery during cycle.

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    Default Appendix surgery during cycle.

    What's up bros. I just had my appendix taken out, I'm laying in the hospital bed as we speak. Just curious what I should do about the cycle I'm on which I started 5-31-14. There's a high risk of hernia with this sort of operation so I need to take some time off. In a week I can start light cardio and maybe bench the bar with no weight and just try and grab a pump without straining, then gradually increase weight and intensity every week after.

    -34yrs old, 7th cycle
    -218lbs 5'7 10% bf
    -375mg test c twice a week
    -Proviron 50mg twice per day
    -Insulin for 2 weeks (stopped now, will resume toward the end of the cycle when I can push more weight)
    -Hgh 2iu twice per day (just started)

    -I was thinkin about just pinning 375mg test c once per week till I'm more comfortable with heavier weight, then resume pinning twice per week and start up the proviron again and just keep running the hgh the whole time.

    What u guys think? I only run one cycle per year and I don't wanna stop.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    I would wait to get the full benefit of your cycle. Healthy cycling is much more prodiuctive than rehab cycling.
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    I agree with Buf, this cycle is a wash. At best you could stay on and work on a cut but I think it's a waste of gear either way. I'd cut my losses on this one and give it a shot again this fall when you can be all in.
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