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Thread: Test-E cycle

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    Default Test-E cycle

    i am almost halfway through week 4th of my 14 week cycle with testosterone enanthate where i am using test in weekly doses of 600mg. i am 31, 190lbs, and 5'10". i am experiencing sleep problems for the last week. am i dosing heavily and bring dose down to 500 a week? should i start using arimidex 0.25mg ed from now on till the cycle ends? i have PCT planned with nolva and clomid 2 weeks after the last testosterone shot. Freaking out, would love to hear some advice.

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    you should have run an AI from the start.

    also you need n2guard

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    You could try bringing it down to 500mg/wk. I had the same problem but mine went away after a few days. Keep us posted

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