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Thread: fourth cycle help

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    Default fourth cycle help

    hey guys, i would be doing my fourth cycle within a month's time. i am thinking of running testosterone propionate 125mg ed for weeks 1-12, trenbolone acetate 50mg eod for weeks 7-12, equipoise 400mg a week for weeks 1-9, dianabol 40mg ed for weeks 1-5, arimidex .5mg ed, anavar for weeks 7-12 at 60mg and then PCT with clomid and nolvadex. is that an ideal cycle?

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    may i ask why are you taking the Dbol?

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    If you run Tren keep the test low brother trust me. The eq can even cause more sides to flare up from the tren. I would keep your test around 250mg/wk and run the tren at 50mg eod and adjust if needed but go slow. I don't like the ideal of having two orals used in a cycle either. Maybe someone else can help him further here

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