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Thread: Nutrition - endurance training versus resistance training

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    Default Nutrition - endurance training versus resistance training

    My goals are primarily all endurance based. Does protein have any effect on building endurance and what about calories? Do I need to eat over 1g protein per pound or if that to increase endurance or eat at a caloric surplus?

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    no protein wont increase endurance

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    its not the endurance protein will increase but understand, the more lean muscle you add, the more weight you lose... i am a certified nutritionist bro... 99% of my clients attempting to lose weight are on a high protein, moderate to low protein and low fat diet... yes, i would be eating higher amounts of CLEAN protein... lean chicken, WHITE FISH, plain greek yogurt, egg whites, etc... these types of proteins... whey isolate etc... green vegetables are excellent... small amounts containing high fiber like a grapefruit or pear... high fiber satiates and ultimately helps drop weight...

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    Anytime you are breaking down your muscle through exercise, you should be having a high protein diet, regardless if you train for endurance or not

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    run more.. consider GW

    a lot of runners are calorie freaks but they run A LOT. if you want to get better at running then run more!

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    use gw for endurance.

    if you are living a weightlighting/bodybuilding lifestycle, your protein intake should be higher then 1g per pound of bodyweight.i would shoot for 1.5

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    Starches my friend. Carbs and more carbs. You don't need a ton of protein. Marathon runners that I know like to eat pasta and Guinness 2 and three nights before a race. this may be one reason GW gives such great endurance benefits. Who knows.

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    GW, and you will get all of the endurance you could ever have. Sarms1 has awesome GW

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    A good solid diet with lean protein sources is good. Def look into the GW too.

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