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Thread: Disscutions,questions about supplements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnus89 View Post
    Is drinking Met-RX all day going to get me huge like the guys in muscle magazines? I need your help since you have so much experience.
    LMFAO... yes, i too am very curious on this... please help asap because i need to know now!! LOLLL

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    so what does your supplement regime look like aroon?im curious now.

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    Please enlighten us with your extensive history and what you did to get there

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    If you are looking for some good natty supplements go check out Bodybuilding, Need to Build Muscle, Muscle Bodybuilding

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    lol what is going on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmi View Post
    lol what is going on ?
    Lol! My thought as well. Bro need to build muscle has a lot of great supplements. SARMs are also a great option.

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