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Thread: stacking test e and deca

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    Default stacking test e and deca

    Never tried AAS before and wanted to know if you would recommend a beginner like me to run testosterone and deca durabolin as a stack with 500mgs/500mgs or should I as a newbie be using be only deca? and dbol bulk?

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    first timer you should use test only

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    Test only 500mg/week tops, you do NOT need any other compounds.. Stick for 12-14 weeks tops and you will make amazing gains..
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    First cycle is always recommended to be test only bro. That's all you need

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    Test only and watch your estrogen level so have ardimex or aromasion on hand. To many beginners know nothing about blood work and watching estrogen while on cycle. Research all you can before you do a cycle and you won't regret it. Remember its a marathon not a sprint so take your time

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    Id go with just tes. Or tes and a sarm.

    Deca can bring some other sides that can be tough to deal with your 1st time around.

    LGD + tes + any low dosed AI will work for a good cycle.

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    Test only first time bud. I don't know how the broscience came about that deca only is a good starter cycle but I've heard it a few times before.

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    Test stacked with Sarms is a great first cycle for sure

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