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Thread: creatine timing

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    Default creatine timing

    what is the best timing for creatine morning night or day and what is the best creatine I can use instead of plain monohydrate?

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    best to take creatine pre workout and use ancient strength creatine, easy to use too

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    Creatine preworkout or post workout is fine. It really doesn't matter. Use ancient strength which has 3 different types of creatine in its formula

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    you can use creatine throughout the day but if you start getting stomach issues you probably are doing too much so cut back

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    post work out, with some simple sugars.

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    Try ancient strength it's a good 3 type mix. Take 30mins before or right after workout with some simple carbs

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    Doesnt really matter but intra post workout seems best
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    I usually take mine 30 min before I workout

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