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Thread: winstrol pain

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    Default winstrol pain

    I did a cycle with testosterone propionate and anadrol eight months back, before that, i did my first cycle with test e. for my third cycle and first with tren, now thinking of running winstrol and did my first shot and very painful anything I can do?

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    just drink it, you dont need to inject winstrol

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    Get the tabs..
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSnow View Post
    Get the tabs..
    This^^^. Cheap and painless.

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    Injectible Winny is a literal pain in the ass. Don't fuck with that shit man. Get winny tabs

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    Drink it.. Its the same as the tabs

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    I wouldn't drink it. It's quite expensive to do injectable winstrol and it works better injectably (supposedly). Just maybe cut it with some EQ or something and try to deal I say. If you were gonna drink it you may as well have spent 1/4 of the price and bought tabs.

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