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Thread: deca without test

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    Default deca without test

    if I use 800mgs of deca durabolin with a 5 week kick start with dbol can this be done without test? or is test a requirement for all cycles?

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    no test expect a limp dick man

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    not having test would be a mistake.

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    It's never a good idea to run Deca without test buddy

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    terrible idea, deca shuts me down harder than anything and at 800mg my dick would never be the same
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    in the older days guys would run deca solo all the time because it aromatizes half as fast as testosterone does

    but 800mg a day is too much. and stacking with dbol would be a lot of aromatization. you need an AI with or without test

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    Def run test man. And IMO HCG wouldnt be a bad idea either. Deca knocked out my libido cold for like 4 months and only HCG brought me back. Hate to give HCG that credit because it's not incredibly healthy supposedly but it fucking works.

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