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Thread: high on anxiety during cycle, help

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    Default high on anxiety during cycle, help

    hey everyone, this is my first post on this amazing forum. i am 25 and presently running a cycle with testosterone enanthate 750mg a week for 14 weeks and dianabol 50mg ed for first 5 weeks. i am into week 3rd now. i have started experiencing panic attacks just before i fall asleep. this cannot be natural as i have never experienced anything scary like this before. this is my first cycle. how does one deals with anxiety during a cycle? a friend of mine recommended GABA and Phenibut before retiring to the bed. is that good?

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    You should try N2Sleep helps sleep and anxiety for me.

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    These are not bad, but there is a supplement called n2sleep, just like @tealc has mentioned. It has these, and a lot of other ingredients. Take two pills in the evening, and it will help you to relax, both mentally and physically. Then, if you need help to sleep, take two more before bed, and you will sleep like a baby, and get a good rest. I have been using this supplement for a while now, just as my wife did, and it helps us both a great deal. You can read some reviews about it on different forums, and 99.9% of them are very positive.

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    well if you have anxiety steroids can make them worse.

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    n2sleep should work well. also should try some herbal remedies. google is your friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmi View Post
    well if you have anxiety steroids can make them worse.
    this is very true. Steroids can magnify anxiety issues most definitely as well as depression or if your undergoing some stressfull period of your life at the time. you should be in a good place mentally before running any cycle. If you have no anxiety history or any other issues or serious pressures at the time I could only guess that maybe your estrogen could be high cause let me tell you from experience that shit will make you freak out over some dumb stuff. Its even my own opinion that high estrogen is the real cause for the so called "roid rage". Why to you think women have pms and act crazy and emotional.

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    are you taking an AI

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