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Thread: is primo good?

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    Default is primo good?

    i have heard great reviews about primobolan, especially when used by people on a calorie-deficit diet. would you recommend running a cycle with test e 500mg a week and primo 800mg a week for 10 or even 14 weeks? also would it be better to add masteron e 450mg a week as well? i will also run arimidex .5mg eod and clomid and nolva for PCT. What are your suggestions on this cycle? i want to have a solid and huge appearance with no libido or hair loss issues. plz guide me guys.

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    Primobolan is great for cutting. Add cardarine 20mgs ED and primobolan 800mgs/week and you have a great cycle, test not needed.

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    Wait a second, you got me a little bit confused. You are considering a cutting cycle, with steroids meant for this purpose. But then you say that you want a huge appearance, which kind of means bulking. Could you please specify a little on what you want to achieve from your cycle?

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    How many cycles have you run, and what were they, unless you've run 50 cycles, in which case you probably wouldn't be asking this question. I'll just add cutting is all in the diet.
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