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Thread: suggestions for a damn good "finisher" for a blast/cycle

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    Default suggestions for a damn good "finisher" for a blast/cycle

    i just finished with my blast of 800 a week and have 5 weeks of blast remaining. i am now thinking of running my first cycle and would choose NPP for the mix. would you guys recommend something winstrol, anavar, or even turinabol?

    i believe winny would be the ultimate choice here. anyways, i am not sure and that's why i am here in the first place. just for info, i am 28, 6'1", 225lbs. also, let me know how to take care of excess estrogen?

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    Good finisher is winstrol with cardarine.

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    Winstrol with cardarine will be a hella good finishing touch. Regarding the estrogen control, I assume you mean during the main cycle? Aromasin is a good AI for this purpose.

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    winny or var would work well as a finisher. i would actually go with var, hate the sides of winny

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    you should already be on an AI for estrogen

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