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Thread: confusion about cycle

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    Default confusion about cycle

    I'm here for some quick advice on running TRT through the post cycle therapy? i mean it is no news that it would be wise to run TRT after testosterone levels have reached lows post a cycle. I am already on trt so what do I need to do for PCT?

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    You dont need PCT if you're on trt.

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    TRT does not require pct. you cycle and then go back to the trt dose and that's that.

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    really a PCT for someone who blasts and cruises would be some n2guard to cleanse out the body and donating blood.

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    There are no serms to take a different approach here, you just go back to your trt dose..
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    I personally still run a PCT after each cycle even though I am on TRT. Being on TRT does not mean that your HPTA is completely shut down. The way I see it, running a PCT after your cycle can't hurt you and can only benefit you. It isn't needed if you are on TRT but I recommend it.

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    PCT is quite an unusual thing to run during TRT, however, it is quite feasible and real. Do the perfect PCT mentioned by @muskate for the best recovery possible.

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    everyonef already answered you bud.. no need on TRT

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