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Thread: couple of questions

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    Default couple of questions

    i am 31, 5'10", and 210lbs. i am now thinking of doing a cycle with EQ 450mg a week, test e 500mg a week, hcg 500iu a week, a-dex .5mg eod, and PCT with clomid and nolva and may be some liv52 and milk thistle for liver support. should i add some dbol like 50mg ed for first 5 weeks to kick start the cycle

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    Don't use liv52, use n2guard instead.

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    You could add the Dbol as a kick-start. However, you really need to consider using a better liver supper. As @tealc has mentioned, n2guard is much, much better.

    Also, avoid using HCG. It is poisonous extract from pregnant female urine, and it may have some bad side effects, such as suppression and gyno. Better go for HCGenerate ES - it has no side effects, and is completely natural. Works wonders for me.

    Finally, replace arimidex with aromasin. Aromasin is a superior AI from any perspective. 12.5 mgs EOD should do the trick.

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    I agree with Lev and tealc completely. This is the cycle I recommend:

    weeks 1 - 12
    testosterone 500mg/week
    eq 300mg/week
    aromasin 12.5mg EOD

    weeks 1 - 6
    dbol 30mg/day
    n2guard 7 capsules/day

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol:The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

    For training inquires please send me a private message or email

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    drop the hcg man
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    Liv52 is fine. N2guard has its benifits but at least your running liv52. Just remember there's more than your liver to worry about.

    Definitly drop the hcg.

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