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Thread: Critique my on cycle workout

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    Default Critique my on cycle workout

    Dumbbell flat chest press 5x4-6
    Dumbbell incline press 5x4-6
    Dips leaning forward 5x6-8
    Machine flues 5x4-6
    Calves 9x8

    Shoulder press 5x4-6
    Wide grip high rows 5x4-6
    Lateral raises 5x4-6
    Upright rows 5x4-6
    Machine reverse flyes 5x4-6

    Squats 5x4-5
    Leg press 5x4-6
    Leg curls 5x4-6
    Leg ext 5x4-6
    Calves 9x4-6

    Wide grip lay pull downs 5x4-6
    Machine rows 5x4-6
    Machine pull downs 5x4-6
    Cable rows 5x4-6
    Shrugs 5x4-6

    Hammer curls 5x4-6
    Preacher curls 5x4-6
    Dumb curls 5x4-6
    Reverse grip tricep push downs 5x4-6
    Machine tri ext 5x4-6
    Cable push downs 5x4-6
    Dips 5x6-8
    Calves 9x10-12

    And I'll change once in awhile like between machine, dumbbell, cables, ect

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    My real weak points are rear delts, lower/outter chest, outter tricep, and calves

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