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Thread: sustanon cycle horrors

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    Default sustanon cycle horrors

    i ran a sustanon cycle two months back and did not know about PCT and life has been horrible ever since then. the absence of post cycle therapy seems to have shut down my body's natural testosterone production ability and here i am seeking advice from you all if anything can be done now. can i run PCT now with clomid and nolvadex>

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    You should redo a full pct from start. Use the perfect pct.

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    Unfortunatelly, you won't get out of this with just clomid and nolva. It is a very weak PCT. You should do a much more comprehensive PCT, such as mentioned by @tealc - the perfect PCT.

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    Yes. It is never too late to run a PCT. I hope you learnt a valuable lesson for next time. NEVER start a cycle unless you have everything you need for the cycle - your AI, PCT, support supplements etc. on hand.

    Run the perfect PCT protocol exactly as it is laid out here: The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    You can order everything you need for the protocol from, and

    I suspect that after finishing the protocol you will feel back to normal.
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    you are experienced a post cycle crash.. pct would have helped get you through this. best thing for you to do is run another pct

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    Yea man I suggest getting bloodwork done and going from there. You definitely need to get you hpta going again and LH and FSH up.. Clomid+Nolva would be a great place to start, possibly with some aromasin and a natty T booster
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