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Thread: Just finished my cycle

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    I really do t want to drop the NPP I felt great in it. And I don't think I'm too prolactin sensitive I was up to 200mg NPP rod and .5mg caber twice a week and I was still masturbating 3 times a day. I think if I bump caber to 1mg twice a week I'll be fine. And I thought anavar was not toxic? I think I'm more estrogen sensitive I was using 50mg aromas in eod and sometimes felt under the nipples hurting and water retention so I went to 30mg Ed and seemed to even itself out so I feel in my case estrogen is more of a worry then prolactin. But yes I will try the cardarine

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    You're using 50mgs of aromasin? you sure?

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    Oops I was wrong think I was using 25mg eod and once in awhile my left nipple under the nipple Whould hurt so I bumped it up to 30mg ed. Never had any joint problems from too low estrogen tho

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