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Thread: this is my insulin protocol thoughts?

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    Default this is my insulin protocol thoughts?

    hey guys, im about to start my first insulin cycle.. this is what my protocol looks like

    6iu novorapid

    10 mins later: 50g dextrose, 50g whey, 10g creatine, 10g glutamine

    Intra: 50g dextrose, 50g whey, 10g creatine, 10g glutamine

    45 mins post: 50g oats, 30g protein from tuna

    what do you guys think of my protocol i have done up? any advice is welcome!

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    Why do you want to use insulin in the 1st place? dangerous.

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    I would seriously advise you not to use insulin. Apart from being able to kill you literally, it can also do so collaterally. Not long ago a guy has posted a thread where he told that after using insulin he almost passed out while driving on a highway. Luckily, he managed to stop the car in time, but the consequences could be much more tragic. Unless you are a world class pro-bodybuilder, you should not be even considering insulin if you praize your life.

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    I would eat a 2nd meal again.. are you using insulin to bulk up? it really isn't necessary to use insulin to reach 99.9% of goals out there.

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    Be VERY careful when using insulin. You can put yourself in a diabetic comma if you aren't careful.

    I never liked using insulin pre workout. It made me go hypoglycaemic and the entire workout I would be worrying about my blood sugar levels and not focusing on my training. I would take it post workout instead.

    Finish your workout, do your stretching etc and then dose your insulin. Immediately after drink your post workout shake. 45 minutes after your post workout shake eat a meal high in carbohydrates, medium in protein and low in fat. 2 hours after that eat another meal with the same macronutrients.

    Over doing insulin will lead to insulin resistance and a whole bunch of problems. I would only supplement with exogenous insulin 2-3 times per week (use it in your weak body part training days) and incorporate a strong nutrient partitioner that will increase the insulin sensitivity of your muscle cells into your supplement regiment. I recommend n2slin from
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    6Iu isn't nearly enough so you know.. its usually 10g of carbs for every iu so your looking at a ton of spillover
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