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Thread: Painful Nipples at week 4th

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    Default Painful Nipples at week 4th

    i am 26, 5'9", and 195lbs and have been lifting weights regularly since the age of 23. for the past few years, i have become really serious with my physique. planned diet and emphasis on working out. i started a cycle with test c, anadrol, and EQ. in week 4. i have started to experience pain at my nipples and seems like gyno has hunted me. it is actually the right one that has a minor increase in swelling and soreness, the left is fine. should i immediately start using arimidex 0.25mg ed OR eod?

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    You should start letrozole 2.5mgs ed + nolvadex 40mgs ed.

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    It is very important to use an ai with every cycle you do. Start the ai the same day you start your cycle. This will prevent testosterone aromatizing into estrogen and the high estrogen related side effects that go along with it. Aromasin is a better ai choice then arimidex as it is a suicide ai and there will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. Order it from and dose 10mg eod.

    You also need to incorporate a liver aid in your cycle as anadrol is extremely liver toxic. I recommend n2guard from at 10
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    After all these years of cycling you should know that you must always run an AI from the first day of the cycle, as it is much easier to prevent estrogen related side effects, rather than deal with them. Now that you are experiencing the first signs of gyno, the best thing would be to do as @tealc says, and if the gyno will remain, run the anti-gyno protocol after ending the PCT of the actual cycle. Also, for the next time, better use aromasin, as it will not allow any estrogen rebounds, it will improve cholesterol levels, and will increase IGF-1 levels.

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    need to up your AI dose for sure..
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