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Thread: what is the ideal place to store roids?

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    Default what is the ideal place to store roids?

    i am about to start a cycle very soon, that will be before christmas. stats: 26, 5'10", and 190lbs. i work out 5 days a week and have two cycles under my belt. the last was sustanon only eight months back. i would now like to run anadrol, test e, and deca and may be some NPP as well. can anyone plz guide me what would be the best place to store them?

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    That's a heavy cycle drop the anadrol imo and store in cool dark place.

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    This is one hefty cycle you are planning - you know that it is never a good idea to use two nandrolones in the same cycle? Drop NPP too in order to avoid prolactin issues. As for the storage place, somewhere where direct sun light won't hit the roids, and where no extreme temperatures occur.

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    also store it where nobody will find it. that would be a good idea too.

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    Store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The best storage place would be in an old black pre-workout container in the fridge.

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    any cool dry place really
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