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Thread: Found some old Deca? Need some advice????

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    Default Found some old Deca? Need some advice????

    Hi guys, I recently found some Deca, 5 vials at 2ml per Pack - Yellow Tops.. They are the Org Os H kind. expire date 2009-08..

    They have been stored very well and look in great condition.
    1: Are they safe to use?
    2: Do they have any gear in them?
    Thanks Guys!

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    I have thrown them in the Bin, Thanks for having a look anyways!

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    I would of thrown them out as well. Steroids kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will have a shelf life of 4-5 years. An expiration date of 08/09 is really pushing it.

    These are things that you are INJECTING into your body. Don't be cheap lol.
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    deca is cheap and you are best just tossing them and getting new ones

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    I would do exactly the same thing, as it would be way over the expiry date. It is ok to use steroids a couple of years after they expire, perhaps 3 days, but like 7 years is a bit too much.

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