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Thread: appetite after tren

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    Default appetite after tren

    I started a cycle with trenbolone three weeks back and my appetite seems to grow as that of a horse. i could have never associated myself with such hunger pangs. does tren really make you that hungry and is this very much normal or am i just thinking too much?

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    Unless you use EQ, tren kills appetite.

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    That is a bit weird, as the PED's mostly associated with a considerable increase in appetite are equipose and Nutrobal MK-677. I have personally experienced this kind of hunger only with these two PED's, and never with trenbolone.

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    It might be due to high estrogen/prolactin levels. If you aren't already - add an AI and cabergoline for prolactin support to your cycle.
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    Here are some tips for dealing with hunger:
    1. Hot drinks help immensely with hunger. Especially green tea.

    2. Carbonated drinks add volume to your stomach and make you feel full. I drink perrier constantly when pre-contest dieting.

    3. Stay busy. If you are constantly occupied you won't noticed how hungry you are.

    4. Mindfully eat. Don't eat while on the computer or infront of the television.

    5. Caffeine greatly cuts appetite -> be careful with this one. Too much caffeine will burn out your adrenal glands and raise cortisol levels

    6. Supplement with 10g psyllium husk before bed. Psyllium husk is a soluble fibre and gels up in your stomach, leading to an increased feeling of satiety.
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    the reason you are craving carbs is tren will lower your blood sugar. I would not ignore those cravings as going hypo is no joke. keep some apple juice on hand at all times, and I would invest in some glycogen pills as well .. you can buy those OTC at any pharmacy

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