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Thread: Lower Back and Knee pain

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    Default Lower Back and Knee pain

    into week 7th of my 14 weekc cycle with testosterone enanthate 600mg a week. used dianabol 50mg ed for first 5 weeks of the cycle and now want to bring dbol again during weeks 12-16 till testosterone clears and i start with PCT. i have been using arimidex 0.25mg eod since week 4th and brought HCG into the cycle from week 6th onwards at 250iu twice a week. my daily calorie intake is 3000. since week 7th, i have been experiencing mild to severe knee and lower back pain. what could be the possible reason for this? there has been no change in my workout schedule and intensity.

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    Don't use hcg, use hcgenerate.

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    Did you significantly increase your weights from the strength dbol gave you? It is easy to go up too fast before the body is ready. I would skip the hcg and make sure to run the perfect pct. Finish up the dbol and test the same day. Perfect PCT The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    First of all, you should be using an AI from the first day of the cycle, as it is much easier to prevent side effects, rather than deal with them. Besides, estrogen related side effects are not limited to just gynecomastia, and many of them are not visible with bare eye. Therefore, never wait for any estrogen related symptoms to appear before you start taking an AI. Additionally, I would recommend you to use aromasin instead of arimidex, as it is superior in all regards.

    Also, don't use HCG, as it may cause gyno and suppression, and it won't give you any serious benefits - neither during the cycle, nor after it. Better use HCGenerate ES - it has no side effects, and it will really be beneficial.

    Regarding the PCT, there is no need to wait 4 weeks before starting it, as the enanthate ester will be cleared from the body in 2 weeks. If you wait to long, your body will get even more suppressed, and it will be hard to recover your natural testosterone production.

    Finally, for the joints I wour recommend you to do two things. Take N2Joint RX - it is an awesome supplement for the joints, and really makes them stronger and healthier. Also, your muscles will get stronger much faster than the ligaments, so be gradual when increasing the weights you are working with. Many commit the mistake of going all out right away, while the joints are not ready, and struggle to keep up with the pace of the muscles.

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    Sounds to me like an estrogen related issue. HCG is a form of estrogen and causes estrogen levels to rise. With you keeping the same AI dosage, your estrogen levels will be higher now that you introduced the HCG.

    Stop the HCG and I suspect that your problem will go away.

    Next cycle, use your AI from day one. Aromasin is the best AI choice as it is a suicide AI and there will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. You can order it from Use that in your next cycle. 10mg EOD is a good dosage.
    Aromasin (Exemestane) - the most powerful suicidal AI -
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