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Thread: cyp to prop switch

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    Default cyp to prop switch

    presently running cypionate at 200mg a week and want to now switch to testosterone propionate 175mg a week. what can i do to keep my testosterone levels stable and avoid crashing till the time prop kicks in??? my plan was to start pinning prop on the same day as my last cyp shot day.

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    Thats fine but you should switch with the same dose.

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    Just do the switch - the cypionate will remain in significant amounts in your body for at least 2-3 weeks, and the propionate will kick in within a week. Therefore, there will be no crashing. Also, keep the same weekly dosage - 175 is a bit low.

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    Basically you can just do your first prop shot on the day you would normally be doing your next cyp shot. Your dose is pretty low. It is more of a trt dose. If you are on a blast, I would be doing around 500mg per week.

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    Test prop actually has a faster acting haft life so you won't have any issues switching. Just start using the test prop instead of test cyp. Inject 50mg EOD.

    Do your first prop injection on the day you of the week you would normally do your cyp shot.
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