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Thread: Liver Cleanse

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    Default Liver Cleanse

    Liver Cleanse
    By: StrappingYoungLad

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    The main function of the liver is to detoxify.Perhaps at no time in human history have people lived in as toxic an environment as the one with which our livers have to deal with today.Agricultural chemicals used in farming,chemical food additives,pharmaceutical drugs,chlorination and fluoridation of water,car exhaust and indoor pollutants from chemical cleaners,paint,carpets and even furniture,all contribute to the toxicity with which the body must cope.

    But the greatest assault is from modern food.As you are probably aware,most of the packaged foods at the market contain chemical additives and preservatives.The list is as long as your arm and includes arsenic,hydroxide of ammonia,ascetic anhydride,sodium hypochlorite,calcium aluminum silicate and magnesium stearate,to name a few.

    The most prevalent of these toxins are trans-fatty acids from hydrogenated oils,WHICH ARE IN ALMOST EVERY PACKAGED OR PROCESSED FOOD IN THE SUPERMARKET.These oils,artificially hardened by metal and hydrogen gas,produce fatty acid trans-isomers that are not natural,and your body doesn't know what to do with them.

    You are the only one responsible for choosing what you put in your body.Liver toxins can be found in the food you were brought up on and that you love best!The good news is that the liver is very forgiving.Optimum liver function can be restored and even a damaged liver can be regenerated.


    Some of the signals of liver distress include:

    high blood pressure
    elevated cholesterol
    weight gain
    pot belly
    abdominal bloating
    irritable bowel syndrome
    hot flashes
    chronic fatigue syndrome
    brownish spots on the skin(liver spots)
    compromised pancreas

    The list goes on.
    Most people don't get the message and treat the symptoms with OTC or prescription drugs,which just adds more to the liver's burden,while they continue their liver-destroying lifestyles.


    Fiber is an essential ingredient for a well-functioning liver.It's the garbage truck that carries away cholesterol.A diet that emphasizes legumes,whole grains,raw and lightly steamed vegetables will give you sufficient fiber to facilitate peristaltic movement.

    As a rule I take about 20g of psylium powder a day,in addition to whatever fiber I eat,just to make sure.Fiber can absorb water up to 30X it's weight,so be sure to include lots of water.

    When you drink water and don't consume fiber,the water will be expelled through the urinary tract without removing toxins.Toxins hamper the bile duct and pancreatic ducts and engorges the liver.This interferes with digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

    Yet another problem caused by improper elimination is the probability of parasites.A toxic buildup in the bowel creates an ideal environment for parasites.Incubation time is about 36 hours.So if you go 2 or 3 days without eliminating,it's a good bet that the parasites have moved in-and are quite content!


    The liver is a fat burning machine and normalizes weight by pumping excess fat out of the body through the bile and into the small intestines.Fiber reduces the re-uptake of fat and toxins from the gut to the liver.When you eat a low fiber diet,the bad fats get back into the bloodstream.Adequate amounts of HDL are not manufactured and LDL attaches to blood vessel walls.

    A roll of fat at the waistline can be a sign of a fatty liver.This is a liver that has stopped processing fat and instead,has become a fat-storing organ,engorged and swollen with greasy deposits.No matter how much you diet or exercise,removing this fat roll will be impossible until you improve your liver function.


    The water from your tap is chlorinated and probably fluoridated.Both of these are toxic gases that your liver must deal with.Don't add them to your liver load!

    You need to avoid hydrogenated oils,heat-damaged fats,preservatives,chemical food colors,chemical taste enhancers,pesticides,sugar in all it's forms,artificial sweeteners,caffeine,and the many non-food additives listed on labels.All of these are toxins,yet we still eat them.Your busy liver becomes overworked trying to filter out these poisons so that they do not get into the bloodstream.What a responsibility!

    -Use sweeteners such as honey,maple syrup and fruit only in moderation.Refined sugar is poison.
    -Most dairy products are processed through pasteurization and homogenization.They are no longer the food nature intended.


    This is a staple of holistic practitioners.It's a non-invasive method of removing toxins and gallstones from the liver and gallbladder.There are several ways to do this.First I'll describe the protocol that I've used.This was taught to me by my great-grandmother,who passed peacefully last year at the age of 103.She still had her gallbladder.

    Most people should probably do a colon cleanse first,unless they've been consuming a high-fiber intake regularly.When you flush your liver and gallbladder,you want wide-open plumbing to eliminate through.The best way to achieve this is probably by using either colosan or oxy powder.They're both the same thing.
    Use either one of these for 5 days and you should be good to go.

    If you are still eliminating a lot of crap after 5 days,continue until you are not.
    This protocol also calls for drinking 1-2 qt of apple juice a day for 5 days.The juice contains malic acid,which helps loosen the adhesions between the stones,breaking them them up,making them smaller and easier to pass.
    The first time I did this,I passed a LOT of stones,ranging in size from a grapeseed,to a cherry pit.Throughout the day I'd say at least ¾ cup,if not more!I don't know how big a gall bladder is exactly,but mine had to be full to capacity.I can't tell you how relieved I felt to see that junk on the OUTSIDE.
    There is the likelihood of some nausea and discomfort during this process,though it's probably not as bad as having your gallbladder removed.In fact, the more discomfort you experience the more you needed to do this.The first time I did this,I woke up during the night,feeling nauseas,although I didn't throw up,and went back to sleep fairly easily.A friend of mine did throw up,but he was still glad he did it when he saw the results.

    Don't be overly concerned with all this talk of nausea and throwing up,as it's not common to throw up.I just want to make you aware of the possibility.In any event,you will feel SOOO much better after you do this.You won't be able to remember when you last had so much energy.

    The next few times I did this,my discomfort was very mild,and I didn't pass nearly as many stones.I hadn't done this for about 5 years.I felt there was no need,as I regularly consume lots of fiber and good fats.I drink lots of water and avoid processed foods.

    However,I don't believe in just "talking the talk",so I decided it was time for another flush.Plus I wanted to make sure I wasn't leaving anything out.
    I drank 2 gallons of apple juice over the course of 5 days.On the afternoon of the 5th day-

    4:00 PM - I took 1 tablespoon Epsoms Salt,with water(a common laxative,magnesium also relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestines,making them less likely to spasm(cramp)should you pass any large pieces)

    6:00 PM - I had a large fruit salad,with fresh fruit in season,with lots of whipped cream.This is really the best part,so enjoy it.You can use frozen fruit if it's winter.

    8:00 PM - Another dose of Epsoms Salt.

    10:00 PM It's showtime,folks.This is where it calls for drinking ½ cup olive oil,mixed with ½ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice.Stay with me.Honestly,as 10 o'clock approached,I began to feel just a little dread.I immediately told myself to stop indulging in such nonsense,and I was ok.Now, I cheated a little,and used some organic lemon juice,already squeezed.I had both it,and the olive oil in the fridge,cause I already knew what it tasted like warm.

    Okay.I measured it out in a 500ml measuring cup.I debated on whether or not to hold my nose.I think the fact that it was cold,and the cup had a spout,made it easy.I took 3 or 4 gulps,and it was done!I was amazed that it had been so easy.

    I went immediately to bed,lying on my right side,with my right knee pulled up towards my chest.This position keeps the gall bladder "open".I fell asleep pretty easily.

    Now,if you should throw up after drinking the mixture,don't worry about it and don't try to "make it up".Just continue.You'll be fine.

    2:00 AM - I woke up,feeling a little sick.I fell back asleep easily though.

    6:00 AM - I woke up,feeling pretty good,but the next step wasn't until 8 o'clock,so I went back to sleep.
    8:00 AM - Another dose of Epsoms Salt.Now you wait for a bowel movement.(You don't have long to wait)In my case,about an hour.
    Well,I only passed 5 or 6 pebbles,about the size of a pea.I fished these out with a fish net,and photographed them for the curious among you.


    So I probably didn't "need" it,but I still felt better afterwards.Possibly since it also removes stored toxins from the liver.I'm sure it was my imagination,but my waistline seemed a bit smaller,and the definition on my abs seemed just a tad sharper.

    The following is another method that I have seen a few times that may be easier for some folks.I don't have permission to reprint it,so I don't know where it came from.

    This procedure is sometimes called a liver "flush." It is designed to cleanse the liver of toxins, fat and sludge and to flush out the "stones" of fatty and calcified deposits that we call gall stones. The longer bile remains in the gallbladder,the thicker this bitter, greenish liquid becomes and the greater the likelihood of stones forming. These stones also form when too little bile is produced. They in turn decrease the ability of the liver to make bile and as a result, less cholesterol and toxins are removed from the body.

    Essential fatty acids (from sources such as flax seed oil and evening primrose oil) stimulate bile production and help transport cholesterol and fatty sludge out of the liver. When you get rid of gallstones, digestion improves dramatically, allergies go away and back pain disappears! It seems like a miracle. It's not. It's just a greatly relieved liver that is now able to move toxins out.

    I don't recommend jumping into a liver flush unless you have been on the liver-cleansing diet for at least a few weeks. And ideally the Iiver flush itself requires dietary preparation for one or two days in advance: eat only raw foods and drink 8 to 10 glasses of freshly pressed vegetable juice and at least eight glasses of water daily. This cleansing regimen facilitates the procedure and lessens the chance of a bad reaction, such as nausea or vomiting. If you are nervous about doing it, you probably shouldn't. Again, attitude and confidence are important.

    Perform the liver flush on a weekend when you have time to keep to the protocol to rest and to get to the bathroom quickly when necessary. Get up bright and early, go for a long walk and do deep breathing exercises to oxygenate the tissues and relax any tension. Continue to drink water throughout the day.

    There are many recipes for flushing the liver
    and gallbladder. Any regimen that makes use of the cleansing properties of lemon, garlic, cayenne and olive oil will work more or less. The following is one method I've found successful when I faithfully adhere to the protocol.
    Squeeze enough grapefruit, lemons or limes to make eleven ounces (300 ml) of juice. Dilute with seven ounces (200 ml) steam-distilled water (filtered water will also do). **** one or two cloves of fresh garlic and half a teaspoon of fresh ginger root then press both together in a garlic press to release the juices. You can also use half a teaspoon of cayenne in place of the ginger. Add the pressed garlic and ginger to the water and juice mixture.
    Pour eleven ounces (300 ml) of extravirgin olive oil into a warm glass.
    The procedure is to swallow three tablespoons of the juice mixture and three tablespoons of the olive oil every fifteen minutes, relaxing between doses by lying down with a hot-water bottle over the liver area. This moist heat dilates the bile ducts and helps to release small stones and sludge from the gallbladder.You could also sit in a warm bath, but IA find the hot-water bottle method easier to do.

    The whole process can take some hours, so turn off the telephone and be patient. Enjoy the fact that you're doing something wonderful for your liver and thus your whole body. Bowel elimination will start to happen along with some possible discomfort and cramping. Don't worry. Sing a song. Massage your abdomen, following the line of the ascending, transverse and descending colon. Sip fresh water, breathe deeply and relax if you feel nauseous.
    If you're stout-hearted and curious you can empty your bowels in a bucket in order to count the small, greenish stones or grit that you pass with every movement. Some of them may be no bigger than a small pea, some may be large and soft, full of fatty sludge (cholesterol). Be happy that you're getting rid of them. And if you stay on a liver-cleansing diet, you may not make any more. A healthy liver manufactures and secretes healthy bile, which prevents gallbladder inflammation and the formation of stones.

    The day after the flush, stay on your liver-cleansing diet of freshly pressed vegetable juice, raw fruit and vegetables, and steamed and baked vegetables. Eat moderately and exercise.

    As always,I wish you success in ALL that you do..

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    I want to do a colon cleanse before I do this, as it reccomends it anyway. How long after the colon cleanse should i wait to do this? Also, the one colon cleanse product i was looking at requires a 5-7 day fast :

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    A protocol requiring a fast is no problem.I don't see why it would be necessary to wait at all.

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    Looks good. I've been after a liver cleanse programme for ages. Just ordered my oxypowder.

    Thanks alot SYL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burning Inside
    Hey one thing I wanted to ask..I don't know if you know or not, but I can't really find any colon cleansing forums online...Do you feel the colon cleanse I have linked would be better than the oxypowder stuff? I have read that a true colon cleanse requires fasting, as eating while you're cleansing isn't doing any good.
    The product you're looking at is mostly psylium powder.The oxy powder is basically magnesium bound with oxygen which is released when it catylizes with the acid in the lemon juice.I would recommend the oxy powder.The idea behind a fast while cleansing is that in the absense of food intake,the body,in it's infinite wisdom,will utilize diseased,or "compromised"tissues.preferentially for fuel.The best thing would be to use the oxy powder in conjunction with regular psylium powder(not the $80 variety) taken as far separated as possible.If you want to do a juice fast,I would recommend 2 or more qts. of apple juice,along with several grapefruit a day for 5 days.Eat/drink as much as you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad
    The product you're looking at is mostly psylium powder.The oxy powder is basically magnesium bound with oxygen which is released when it catylizes with the acid in the lemon juice.I would recommend the oxy powder.The idea behind a fast while cleansing is that in the absense of food intake,the body,in it's infinite wisdom,will utilize diseased,or "compromised"tissues.preferentially for fuel.The best thing would be to use the oxy powder in conjunction with regular psylium powder(not the $80 variety) taken as far separated as possible.If you want to do a juice fast,I would recommend 2 or more qts. of apple juice,along with several grapefruit a day for 5 days.Eat/drink as much as you want.
    Howabout adding bentonite clay into the mix?

    Oh one other thing, See i want to do a 3 way cleanse, colon/parasite/liver-gall bladder. Is there any particular order you think I should do them in, and I have heard that after a parasite detox you need to resupply your body with "good" bacteria. Probiotics I think? Any info on that?

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    If you want to add Bentonite Clay,that's perfectly fine.I would do colon - liver/gallbladder - parasite.Some parasite protocols would kill the beneficial bacteria as well.You could use probiotics or fermented foods such as yogurt or kefir.One non-toxic protocol is 10g MSM a day for 10 days.This greatly lessens the ability of the "glue" they use to latch on.Another good thing is Olive Leaf Extract.It has amazing anti-parasite-anti viral-anti bacterial properties.With this, many sub-clinical,chronic conditions may be relieved.I use both of these all the time as part of my regular supplementation.They are both available in cheap,bulk powder form at

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    I was thinking of giving the liver cleanse a try myself, however I need to do the colon cleanse as mentioned. So I was curious, have you heard or read anything about Colonblow ?

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    I'm not familiar with it,nor can I tell anything about it from their website.

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    [QUOTE=Zer0 Defects]I was thinking of giving the liver cleanse a try myself, however I need to do the colon cleanse as mentioned. So I was curious, have you heard or read anything about Colonblow

    Take some fiber 3x a day and you'll have you colon blow very hard and fast.


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