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Thread: Bodypart Splits and Routines

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    Default Bodypart Splits and Routines

    One of my favorite methods is to train "antagonistic muscle groups"That is to say that muscles work in pairs.It makes sense to me to train them that way.When you contract your triceps to extend your arm,your biceps lengthen,or relax.When you contract your biceps,your triceps relax.Therefore I alternate training tris with bis,chest with back,and quads with hams.

    For some reason,the muscle seems to be stronger if you train it's mate first.Try this:Load the bar with 20 lbs more than you would usually use for a working set on your bench press.Now do a set of bent-over-rows(for your back).Immediately jump to your bench press.I'll bet you won't even notice that 20 lbs.

    Another reason is that I consider the arms and shoulders to work as a "single functioning unit".I train chest,back and abs together,which I consider "torso",again a "complete unit".It goes without saying that the legs function as a unit.

    What people usually call "push-pull" is in reality push-push-push one day,and pull-pull-pull the next.This is not the natural flow of the body nor how it does things.Alternating antagonistic groups is "push-pull" in the truest sense of the words.Not to mention that arbitrarily dividing your body into "back and front" makes about as much sense to me as dividing it into "left and right".Do you know anybody who trains the right half of their body one day and the left the next?

    The muscles of the arms work as a group.This goes for the torso and legs as well.Therefore I usually train them that way.In some cases I will divide into "upper body" and "lower body" as this seems to preserve the logic of what I have previously stated.Or even full body work-outs arranged in the alternating fashion I have described.

    This is not to say that you can never train chest-shoulders-triceps,or back and biceps.Of course you can.Anything gets stale after a while.I'm just saying that this is one of the predominent factors in my training.I have explained to you why.If this makes sense to you,then give it a try.

    Okay...I am of the opinion that arms and shoulders can be trained twice a week without fear of overtraining,and that it is actually beneficial to do so.Therefore I might do something like this:

    Mon:Legs...Contrary to what I just said,I also do deadlifts on this day.They actually work every muscle in your body,and if you don't believe me,try doing them with an injury of ANY kind.I just wanna do all my heavy work on Mon.when I'm rested from the weekend.I also do shrugs on this day as I do them with the bar sitting on my traps,rather than dangling from my wrists.So I do them while I have the bar loaded.Plus they're heavy.

    Wed.Arms and shoulders.I'll alternate tris and bis,then rear and side delts.I don't train front delts.Not to say you shouldn't,but I'd be lying if I said I did.

    Fri.My favorite!Chest and back.Nothing puts the swole on or makes me look as fearsome as this.I love it.

    Sat.Arms and shoulders.

    Another thing I might do,which is pretty much Doggcrap's split is to train three days a week,alternating upper and lower body.If I were trying to gain weight,I'd use this,training as heavy as possible and eating like there's no tomorrow.
    Mon.Upper body

    Wed.Lower body

    Fri.Upper body

    Mon.Lower body,etc.

    When I was starting out I followed Arthur Jones' advice.I trained three times a week.I trained my whole body each time.I picked one exercise per bodypart and kept a log.I did one set to failure.The idea was to get stronger each time,by getting more reps or increasing the weight.Arthur also called for emphasising the negative portion of the rep,and this is also where some of DC's stuff comes from.There really is nothing new under the sun.If you are just starting out,I'd really recommend this.I did it for about the first 8 months I trained,and I got strong in a hurry.

    Another idea says that the smaller the muscle the more frequently it can be trained.I incorporated this,when I advocated training arms twice a week.
    So say legs every 6 days,arms,shoulders every 3 days,chest, back every 4 days.Abs every 2 days..Thus:

    Day 1:Legs/Abs
    Day 2:Chest/Tris/Bis
    Day 3:Shoulders/Abs
    Day 4: Back
    Day 5:Tris/Abs/Bis
    Day 6:Chest/Shoulders
    Day 7:Legs/Abs
    Day 8:Back/Tris/Bis
    Day 9: Shoulders/Abs
    Day 10:Chest
    Day 11: Tris/Abs/Bis
    Day 12:Back/Shoulders

    If you train three days a week,it would take you 4 weeks to go through this.If you train 4 days a week,it would take you three weeks.Or you might train 6 days one week and 2 the next.The idea is that whenever you train,you just do the next thing.If you didn't get to bis on day 8,then do them first on day 9,before shoulders and abs.Some of the more astute among you may have noticed that this sequence breaks most of the "rules".Sigh...I'll never be a guru...

    Anyway,that should be enough to chew on,and like I said,there are many ways to kill the cat,other than boring it to death.Have fun!

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    where do traps fit in? back? shoulders?
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    I would consider traps to be part of the back.

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