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Thread: Carnivore Diet

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    Default Carnivore Diet


    When I started lifting,back in the 8th grade,there was a product called Cybergenics.It came in a box,and consisted of some basically useless supplements,like plant sterols,that were supposed to have an anabolic effect.,a training regimen,and a diet plan.I think it cost $79,or something.A lot of money in the mid-eighties,especially for a kid.But considering what I learned about dieting,it was a bargain.

    The diet was low-fat,low-carb,with carb cycling,and calorie cycling.You were only allowed to eat during a 9 hr period each day.But the most amazing part(to me)was that on 2 days a week,you were encouraged to eat whenever you were hungry,and TO EAT A LOT.(Within the 9 hr period)

    The training was done after a 13 hr fast,first thing in the morning.It consisted of a lot of sets,done drop-set fashion,and took about 2 hrs to complete.(13+2+9=24 hrs)This method of marathon training,done after a 13 hr fast was extremely effective at depleting muscle glycogen,as well as burning fat,and we are going to retain a modified version here.

    The problem with this diet was, that although effective,I had no energy.One problem was that the carbs were low enough to not provide energy,but too high to be well into ketosis.Plus, fat intake was about 5%(I had no idea this was a problem).I called it The Suffering Diet,especially on Tuesday,when the recommendation for breakfast,after your 2 hr workout,was an orange and 2 egg whites..And that damned orange took most of the 50 g of carbs you were allowed on that day!

    I ran this diet a couple of times,for 8 weeks at a time,and at the end,I was always very lean,and very glad that the diet was over.I then tried the John Parillo method of being brutally huge,by eating 10,000 calories a day,much of it from MCT oil,which he sold.From him I learned that to get big,its easier to get fat first,because then at least your body gets used to being bigger.But most importantly, I learned about Extreme Stretching,something I have utilized to great benefit,to this day.(you can learn something valuable from everyone)

    Then one day,I was in the bookstore,and I happened to open Dr.Atkins book.I must have opened it to the right page,because what I finally realized,was that to burn fat,YOU HAD TO EAT FATand NOT eat all(or very little)..It was like finding the Holy Grail.I thumbed through the rest of the book,to see if he included a provision for eating A LOT 2 days a week.He didnt,so I put the book down.

    So basically,what I call the Carnivore Diet is a marriage of Cybergenics and Dr. Atkins,coupled with my belief that red meat is the best body building food available.What I learned from Dr. DiPasquale,was the importance of psylium seed husk powder,and the 2 metabolic pathways that energy production can take.


    Okay,5 days a week,the idea is zero carbs.This is impossible, but try.For sure do not exceed 30g a day.We are going to vary the amount of fat and protein we eat each day.
    Day 1:multiply bodyweight(Bw) x 1.5 =grams of protein(P)
    Bw x .67=Grams of fat(F)
    So,for a 200 lb person…200lb x 1.5=300g protein
    200lb x .67=134g fat

    Here's the 5 day breakdown:
    Day 1:Bw x 1.5 =P /Bw x .67 = F
    Day 2:Bw x .75 =P /Bw x .4 =F
    Day 3:Bw x 1 =P / Bw x .5 =F
    Day 4:Bw x 1.5 =P/Bw x .67 =F
    Day 5:Bw x 2 =P/Bw x.9=F

    The program calls for eating,first thing after you train in the A.M.
    If this is impossible,we'll discuss the alternative later.
    Either way,you will only eat during a 9 hr period,each day.
    For protein,you can eat any type of meat or eggs,as you like.
    Except, do not eat processed meats,containing nitrites,nitrates,and other chemicals(like bacon,hot dogs,deli cuts,etc.
    Do not exceed your 30g carb limit.If you use protein powder,I must insist that you do not use whey.Despite however much advertising you may have seen extolling it's virtues.I personally recommend The Protein Factory.Even though they push whey I use 40% micellar casein/30 % aussie cassinate/30% whole organic egg..It cost about $10 a lb including shipping.I realize that not everyone can spend this much,and I would go with 100% aussie casinate,which is $5.99 a lb.Or any other egg or milk protein.Whey protein is forbidden because up to half of it can be converted to glucose,and this will keep you out of ketosis.
    For fat,some of it will be included in the food you are eating for protein.Get a book of food counts(like Corrine T. Netzer's for ex.)Get a food scale,if you have to.Put some effort into figuring out what you are going to eat on each day.Then you could repeat the same thing each time that day comes up,if you want.If this is something that doesn't come easily for you,try to find a friend that is willing to help you.
    You also want to include either Hemp Seed Oil,or Walnut Oil.These 2 oils come the closest to providing the essential fatty acids that your body can't produce,in the optimum 4:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.In addition.Hemp Seed Oil contains GLA,necessary for prostaglandin production.GLA is beneficial for both Testosterone(in men) and Estrogen (in women)production.
    If I were doing this,I would eat mainly steak,with some salmon.Maybe enough sunflower seeds a day to provide 7g carbs.(I just like eating sunflower seeds).And my protein blend and oil.You can eat chicken and fish,if you want,but I would still include some hamburger or steak,and maybe some eggs.In other words, eat some damned cholesterol.If your liver wasn't in shock from all the hydrogenated oils and chemicals you likely ingest,it would have no problem whatsoever with cholesterol.And we're not going to be eating that crap(for 8 weeks at least)so it's all good.
    DAYS 6 and 7
    After your AM workout on day 6,let the eating begin!For the next 9 hrs,eat whenever you are hungry,and eat a lot.You may eat fruit.You MAY NOT eat wheat or dairy.(So no pizza)
    Wheat will invariably be refined flour.Your body does not recognize it as food.Face it, you are eating paper maiche.Dairy products are pasteurized and homogenized and they are no longer whole food either.They cause bloating and mucous production for a reason.
    If your body reacts like that,it's trying to tell you something.I STRONGLY recommend that you avoid hydrogenated oils,and processed foods laden with chemicals like arsenic,hydroxide of ammonia,ascetic anhydride,sodium hypochlorite,etc.It may seem like there's nothing left,and now maybe you understand why people are in so much trouble.I truly would not eat 90% of what you would find in your average grocery store in this country.But the only items totally forbidden are wheat and dairy.I only hope that you would put the highest quality food possible in your body.
    On day 7 there is no workout,so eat whenever you are hungry,and eat a lot.(within the 9 hr period)


    At least a multi-vitamin every day.Psylium seed husks,either the powder or whole husks,and NOT the capsules,they don't have enough in them to be useful..and unsweetened,of course.Take your fiber as far separated as possible from your meals,to reduce the chance of the soluble fiber absorbing your EFAs.Potasium is important,but difficult to get since the FDA has made it illegal to make a supplement with more than 99mg.I'm probably going to make a separate post on that subject,and I'll reference it here.Regarding the psylium,take it with lots of water,as it swells and that's how it works to aid elimination.I recommend fiber to everyone,whether they're on this diet,or not.Parasite incubation time is quick,about 36 hrs.If you have not eliminated for one,two three,or four days,you may be sure that the parasites have moved in-and are cozy and happy!


    Day 1:Legs / Abs
    Day 2:Chest /Back
    Day 3:Arms /Shoulders
    Day 4:Legs / Abs
    Day 5:Chest /Back
    Day 6:Arms /Shoulders
    Training is done preferably first thing in the AM,on an empty stomach.If you can't get up at 5:00 am to go the gym,or whatever,and HAVE to work out in the PM,I would suggest that you have a protein drink(milk or egg)with some oil,right before you workout.If you have a delicate constitution,then figure out how long before you workout,you have to drink it.Either way don't eat after you workout.If none of this will work for you,then please don't bore me by telling me about it.Just do what you gotta do.
    Training is done drop-set style .That is, you begin with a weight that you can get 8-12 reps with.This is just a guide to how much weight to use.You won't be counting reps.You will do as-many-as-possible(AMAP )(then do 3 more.Imagine someone has a gun to your head you could get 3 more)Then immediately drop the weight by 30%,and do AMAP.This means either strip some weight off the bar,or lower the pin.Then immediately drop the weight by 50% and do AMAP(+3)This is 1 set.

    Here are my suggestions for exercise selection.If you can't do anything due to injury,or limited equipment ,then do the best you can.If you don't like my choices,then you obviously know enough to do whatever you want.
    1. Squats-Done as described above.One drop set.
    2. Leg Press-Two drop sets.
    3. Leg Curls-supersetted with #4
    4. Leg Extensions-One drop set.
    Rest for 60 sec.and repeat twice more,for a total of 3 drop sets each.
    5. Calves-Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine-Okay, these are a little different.You are going to do 20 reps.At the bottom of EACH rep,spread your toes,relax your foot and really stretch.Hold the stretch for 30 sec.Rest 2 min.after your first set,and then do one more with the same weight for AMAP.
    6. Abs-You're on your own here.There is a wide variety of possibilities,depending on equipment,preferences,etc.If you don't know what to do,then do 3 sets of 20 each,ab curls and reverse ab curls.Supersetted and hold contracted position for 2 sec.

    1. Low-pulley rows,supersetted with#2
    2. Dips(bw)
    Dropset on the pulley rows,then do 5 dips,with elbows out wide,chin on chest,feet out in front of your body.This places the stress on your chest,and works the triceps less than with elbows close in.Rest 10 sec.,then do 5 more.Repeat twice more for a total of 20.Do three super sets,dropsetting the rows each time,and get AMAP on the dips the 2nd and 3rd times.
    3. Dumbell flye/Press-superset
    Do dumbbell flyes for AMAP,then immediately press the same weight for AMAP.
    Drop to a lighter DB and repeat.And one more time.Then do-

    4. Lat pulldowns to front-Dropset
    Then alternate the two twice more.


    1.Shoulders-Superset Lateral raises,with Dumbell Press,same DB,AMAP each.
    You know the drill.Repeat twice more,dropping the weight each time.
    2.Superset Military Press TO FRONT,dropset with Upright Rows,dropset,3 sets each.

    For Arms,pick whatever you like,and superset,alternating between biceps and triceps.
    I think you should have the idea of what we're trying to accomplish here,so pick 2 exercises for each,and do 3 dropsets as we've been doing.(for a total of 6 dropsets)

    That's pretty much it.You could do the diet with another workout,or without working out at all,for that matter.What I have presented here is what I believe to be an excellent way for someone who wants to totally transform themselves,to do so in a relatively short time period.If you don't have much experience with this sort of thing,I recommend you follow this ,to the letter as it's presented.
    Be sure to take "Before" pictures.You will literally be amazed.
    So there you have it- I have given you the tools.It is up to each of you individually to use,or refuse them.Make no mistake-this requires effort and discipline above and beyond what you may be accustomed to,but very little worthwhile comes easily.At least not in my experience.And it's only for 8 weeks.You CAN do it.
    I wish you success in ALL that you do..

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    training sounds a lil different. but i love the way the diet sounds. good work with the article bro. the time u put into it is much appreciated
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    Yup the carnivore diet is awesome


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    I should mention that the reason Dr.DiPasquale calls his diet"The Anabolic Diet"(other than the fact that his first name for it"The High Fat Diet"didn't go over too well.Especially not back then)is that it attempts to manipulate endogenous hormone production and secretion.Namely Testosterone,GH,and Insulin.This isn't particulary relevant to someone using exogenous hormones,but for the natural bodybuilder it can make a substantial difference.My program is designed to do likewise.especially the GH release.The style of training,and especially the 15 hr fast period,I feel ,cause an even greater release of GH,particulary in the younger athelete.So though this will work for just about anyone,the prime candidate would be a younger person that wants to lose 15-20 lbs of fat in 8 weeks.I would also expect a beginner to gain some lean muscle weight as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad
    Potasium is important,but difficult to get since the FDA has made it illegal to make a supplement with more than 99mg.I’m probably going to make a separate post on that subject,and I’ll reference it here.

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    Great post.

    I was one of those kids who went and bought the cybergenics total bodybuilding system. I followed the workout to a T, basically a 4 day split with a ton of supersets. I ate what I wanted. It was a tough, tough workout.
    My fondest memory was after about 6-8 weeks of following the programs some pther kids at the gym where asking me if I took steriods, lol. I was about 15 years old at the time. It was great.

    I also tried the the diet kit, but failed to follow through. :feedme

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    i am following this kind of diet lots of red minced beef but i am taking alot of green veggies too, would this still be ok as alot of the carbs in vegetables are fiber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRINU
    i am following this kind of diet lots of red minced beef but i am taking alot of green veggies too, would this still be ok as alot of the carbs in vegetables are fiber.
    why are you posting in the articles forum? go to the diet forum and make a post about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.X
    Yup the carnivore diet is awesome


    Works well while on AAS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itlnstln
    Works well while on AAS?

    start a thread about it on the diet forum plz

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