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Thread: forearm training

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    Ive just started on forearms myself and here is what Im doing. Go to a cable machine, attach a short straight bar and sit on the floor with your knees bent like you're doing a sit up. Grab the bar with enough weight to do about 15 reps. Sit back far enough for the resistance to start, rest the top part of your forearms against your legs allowing your wrist to bend across the tops of your knees. With both hands, let the bar roll out to your fingers as far as possible w/o letting go and then curl your hand inwards for a complete forearm curl. You must get your fingers involved for a great burn.

    Thats for the inner forearms. To work the outter muscles if you dont like over-handed bicep curls, just stay in that same position but turn your wrists around. The straight bar will be uncomfortable so you might want to grab the short curl bar for this exercise. Be sure to go the full range of motion.

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    I just started worrying about my forearms. I'm going to be using straps less, and have also added reverse grip cambered bar preachers to the end of my bicep workout.


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    For a good ebook on forearms training, follow this link:

    This guy talks about forearms for 28 pages....


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    Originally posted by Twistdenigma
    In addition to the excercises Spook mentioned, I like hammer curls for my forearms too.
    Definetly a great forarm excercise.
    Dont use straps!
    Also, a great on is cut a broom handle length of 1 foot.
    get a length of rope 4 feet long, and tie one end to the middle of the piece of wood, and the other end around a 10lb plate.
    holding the piece of broom handle, one hand on either side of the rope, straight out in front of you, twist the wood, one hand at a time until the weight is just about at the top. Once at the top, de-wind it hand by hand down to the floor. This is one set.
    Complete 4 sets, and train them the days you DONT do any arm excercises.

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    Originally posted by gutt
    another thing is to not use wraps. your weight will drop but will come back up in no time. and your grip and forearms will be awesome. when you can shrugg 405 with no wraps you will know what i mean
    this is a good suggestion. i stoped using wraps a long time ago (during back workout) because i noticed my forearms (grip) were getting weaker & my form slopy.
    and eyego's suggestion works great for upper forearm. except i would use a closet rail & not a broom stick

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    if your gym is like mine and has only curlbars, forearm curls are a bit tough.
    I use a straight bar from the bench and load up the weight. Pick up the bar and rest your forearms on the flat bench.

    for reverse forearm curls, I stand up, reverse my grip, hold the bar out a way from me a bit and simply do the reverse curls. you can control the weight by simply extended your arms away from your body. - it looks pretty silly, but with good form, those muscles will pop right out and you'll feel it good. - I like to do this after a bi workout - it's a nice topper to kill the bi's by the time you are done holding the bar.

    I train for mass, so I use high weight/low reps on every routine I do= 8/6/6/4'ish.

    - works great for me.
    People often call me popeye cause of the size of my forearms.
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    reverse curls do wonders

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