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Thread: To compete or not compete....

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    Default To compete or not compete....

    Right now I've restarted my contest prep and I'm hoping I am ready by Feb to grace the stage. Anyway I thought this was a very relevent and an excellent post made by GymDiva over at I*******..... just wanted to share. -CHIQ

    that is the question...but not the only question one should ask when considering to venture into the world of competitions...whether it's bodybuilding, figure, or fitness, some items need to be evaluated and some questions answered before one begins to prep for this weeks long endeavor...

    #1: who am I competing for?

    if the answer to this question is not "me" then I highly advise you leave the idea of competing behind for now...competing is a very personal decision...and it should be done with the most selfish of intentions...not because a significant other or family member thought you should do it or b/c someone in the gym or a friend told you you should be something that you look at and say, I want to do this...if you look at a competition as something you do for someone else then I say don't even go through the hard work b/c you won't enjoy it...plain and simple...

    #2: what category should I enter?

    if the first question has been answered and you feel like you're ready to go forward then the next question you have to answer is what category to you go into fitness? figure? bodybuilding? open? juniors? masters? many questions to answer but all pertinent your homework...look into restrictions on categories like age, etc...then sit down and really think about your physique and what you have to work with...are you more of an X shape? a Y shape? thicker? skinnier?...also do research on what is required for the category you've chosen...for example, if you have chosen fitness be sure you have your bases covered with the fitness routine that has required elements, bodybuilding has mandatory poses that will be done during pre-judging that need to be practiced daily, etc...

    #3: when should I compete?

    ok, you have a category (or possibly categories if you're a real go-getter) picked you need a date...check out your local NPC website for a list of competition dates...see what is sure to give yourself time for your diet...and don't be scared to pick a date in say, january, for a show in november...more time will probably be a good you time to make sure you have everything in order for your first show...

    #4: who should do my prep?

    this can be possibly the most difficult and most important question to answer...doing your homework can help but also word of mouth...if you belong to a board such as this and you see others compete, and you like their results, ask them who they used...visit sites of some of your favorite competitors and look at their links...usually there is a link to whomever they use...take a look and don't be scared to email them for more info...they normally have no problems answering questions in regards to their services...

    #5- what should I wear?

    you have your date set, your prepper selected, your category now you have to decide about suits...suits can literally make or break a competitor...the wrong cut, the wrong color, etc can all have a profound affect on the look of your physique...those choosing to go the fitness or figure route have to especially be careful b/c of the added one piece...bodybuilding will want to go with a plain, solid colored two piece for and figure will need to go with fully decorated one and two piece suits for their physique rounds...bodybuilders can break out the bling for the nightshow...figure and fitness get to have more fun with the addition of personal suggestion (one passed along to me from an IFBB pro) is to get plain, 4" clear heels...I would avoid straps unless you feel uncomfortable without them...anything flashy can take away from your look b/c remember, the judges are right at your feet and you will not want to draw their attention away from all your hard work...AVOID PLATFORMS!!! judges are not fond of the stripper heel...

    #6: how will I fund this?

    a major question to answer...this is not a cheap sport to take up...but deciding on a budget from the start helps...but also learning ways to skirt costs helps tremendously...check out **** and divaexchange for used and new suits...while it may not be the most absolute perfect fit, odds are it will be a good one...but if you're not comfortable with that idea then shop around for someone to make your suit(s)...again, don't be afraid to ask around to other competitors...and don't forget that you can also get plain suits and decorate them yourself with crystals...sometimes this is cheaper than having someone do it for you, just depends on the designer...also, put some feeders out there for sponsors...even if all they can contribute is a tub of protein it's something! and every little bit will also have to budget for the prepper (unless you're lucky enough to have a friend do it or if you're good enough to do it yourself)...and don't forget little (but improtant) things like makeup, tanning supplies, bikini bite, etc...and of course, entry fees and NPC card fees (if you don't already have one) for the show itself...

    this list will grow as I add to it and as others add to it...I will come back and add things to consider and prepare for as you get closer to the big day...but for now I think this is a good list to start with to get anyone thinking about it headed in the right direction

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    #1 is the most important on that list. Contest prep is hard work. It plays with your head. If you are not doing it because it is something that YOU want to do, you will not succeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onerepmaximum
    #1 is the most important on that list. Contest prep is hard work. It plays with your head. If you are not doing it because it is something that YOU want to do, you will not succeed.
    What he said....

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