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Thread: Dispelling some training myths.

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    Arrow Dispelling some training myths.

    There is no shortage of advice on how to slim down and shape up. Of course, a lot of it BS whether from a book, the Internet or even some trainers BS is just plain bunk.

    By now, for instance, hopefully you realize that "no pain, no gain" is a big fitness myth, that you can't eat whatever you want just because you've worked out, and that sweating in the sauna after exercise won't help make the fat melt away any faster.

    But there are other fitness myths that have incredible staying power. Here's a rundown of today's worst exercise tips along with information to set the record straight:

    MYTH #1: It's best to work out in the "fat-burning zone."

    TRUTH: There's no special magic to doing low-intensity exercise in the so-called fat-burning zone. While the body does use less fat and more carbohydrates for fuel the harder you work out, what ultimately matters most for weight loss is the overall calorie burn. Our bodies burn fat when the amount of energy we expend is greater that the amount of calories we consume, and this deficit can be achieved in a variety of ways. Low-intensity exercise can burn as many calories as high-intensity exercise but you'll have to do the easier exercise for a longer period of time to get the same calorie burn. Most people find the greatest success by mixing up their routines and including a variety of different styles and effort levels to continually challenge the body.

    MYTH #2: Lots of sit-ups will shrink those love handles.

    TRUTH: Spot reduction does not work. In other words, sit-ups or other targeted moves cannot reduce fat from specific parts of your body. Fat is stored throughout the body, and cardio or strength exercise (along with a proper diet) can help reduce fat stores from different areas, but not necessarily from the area of the body you are exercising. In fact, exercisers often comment that the first place they gain fat is the last place they lose it, no matter what specific exercises they do! Patience and a well-rounded exercise program is the key to losing fat and keeping it off.

    MYTH #3: Women should avoid strength-training because it makes them big and bulky.

    TRUTH: Building big muscles takes a lot of work, and women would have to spend hours in the gym, adhere to strict muscle-building diets and even use steroids to put on the kind of muscle size that men might. This is because women have very little testosterone compared to men, and testosterone is the hormone required to develop large muscles. Women hoping to tone up will actually get results more quickly if they're challenging the muscles with heavier weights.

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    Nice post, so true.

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    thanks access, great post

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    Nice post, thanks , it's always good to go back to the basics.

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