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Thread: Help me with a workout

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    Default Help me with a workout

    Well i've been lifting consistantly for a year now and have peaked most likely due to my workout and my diet looking to get those on track if someone could help me out with a workout I would appreciate it I like working out 6 days a wk or a muscle group only once per wk or I tend to overtrain. My stats are 5'7 165lbs BF-unknown. Here's how I have been working out
    Pretty sure my splits arent right so any help would be appreciated and on my back workout I pretty much do whatever.

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    I guess I'll give this a go.... maybe some of the other guys can jump in, too.

    Your split is ok... I don't really see anything wrong with it. I would say that if you want to gain mass, cardio should be kept to a minimum... you don't want to be burning off all your calories on the treadmill. Maybe one or two moderate sessions pre week, that's it.

    You also need to figure plenty of rest. My split looks like this:

    Chest/Tricep warm up/calves
    Back/Bicep warm up/abs

    Obviously, I train calves 3 times a week. If I don't feel recovered from my last workout, I'll take another day off.

    As form the actual workouts, I would suggest something like this:

    Incline DB flye: 4x8-12
    Incline DB press: 4x8-12
    Flat DB press: 4x8-12
    Dips: 4x8-12 (lean forward so you feel it in your chest, add weight to these so you fail at 8-12 reps for each set)
    Tricep extension: 2x8-12

    warm up with pullups: shoot for 50, use the assisted pullup machine if you have to
    Deadlift: 3x8-12 (don't bounce these off the floor... do one rep, lower the bar to the ground, readjust your grip, then do the next rep)
    Bent over row: 3x8-12
    Tbar row: 3x8-12
    Seated cable row: 3x8-12
    Wide grip lat pulldown: 3x8-12
    BB curl: 2x8-12

    Overhead DB press: 3x6-10
    Overhead BB press: 3x8-12
    Upright row: 3x8-12
    Lateral raise: 3x8-12
    Bent over lat raise or reverse pec dec: 3x8-12

    Squat: 3x12-15
    Leg press: 3x12-15
    Leg extension: 3x8-12
    Romanian deadlift: 3x8-12
    Good Morning: 3x8-12

    Barbell Curl: 3x8-12
    DB curl: 3x8-12
    Incline DB curl: 3x8-12
    Weighted bench dip or weighted regular dip: (stay upright to work the tris, not chest) 3x8-12
    Tricep extension: 3x812
    Close-grip BP: 3x8-12

    You can separate biceps and triceps into different days if you want. It depends on how I feel when I'm lifting... if my intensity is falling off after biceps, I'll do triceps the next day.

    You're going to get a good ab workout from deadlifts and squats if you're lifting heavy so you really don't need to do much more ab work. Maybe 3 or 4 sets of standing weighted crunches. I do calves in between sets of whatever I'm working that day, standing calf raises (4x15-20), seated calf raises (4x12-15), and leg press calf raises (4x12-15).

    You can vary the order of the exercises from week to week to keep your body from getting used to the workouts. Make sure you choose weights that allow you to fail in the desired rep range. Rest 1-2 minutes between most sets. Deadlifts and squats, I rest up to three minutes sometimes. Make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours a night.
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