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Thread: NitrochickensTwin progress diary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by md45 View Post
    I go with 2g protein per 1lb of my ideal are only eating enough for a 100 lb person... are you trying to gain weight?

    Buf - I know you're not a proponent for this type of routine, but it is very easy to go up 5 lbs nearly every week to at least every other week on this routine. i have rarely ever hit 3 weeks into a lift without going up 5 lbs
    I started at 142 and the other day I was 151. I'm trying to maximize the muscle gains, so I'm eating over my TDEE. It's hard to find my TDEE since I'm a teenager but I think it is around 2000-2300.

    I thought I was pushing hard on deadlifts last week, but apparently I wasn't. I went to the gym last night and just wanted to see how much I could dead so I put 225 on the bar and I felt like I could do it for reps so I did 5,5. This friday I will be deadlifting again and I will film it for a form check.

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    Wednesday I did squats without using my back and I upped the weight since I figured I was underestimating myself. Did 185, for 5,4 so I found my new squat weight. Today is friday though and my inner thighs are still sore and so are my glutes, can I still do my deads today?

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    ye i have the same problem. i feel it more in my lower back than my legs, but i now use a belt on heavy lifts to keep my back secure.
    if you train heavy i recommend using a belt for security but one disadvantage is you don't get to strengthen the lower back as much.
    It is a price you have to pay for security

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    YouTube - 006

    Deadlift form check

    230 lb
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    Uh, last 3 days I have barely gotten any sleep, legs are still sore from squats on friday and I have deads today... I hope my insomnia isn't coming back otherwise im fucked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NitrochickensTwin View Post
    YouTube - 006

    Deadlift form check

    230 lb
    Get that ass down and keep your head up, this will help keep your back straight. Make sure your driving through with your heels as well.

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    Alright, I'm just going to post my weight and reps when I'm done with the routine and just use this diary for form check videos.

    So I have two problems, close grip bench press and squats. Still stuck on the 185 squats because I feel my form is suffering and afterwards I feel it in my lower back. When I'm squating, my lower back naturaly archs and I feel that it is putting pressure on my lower back, but if I try to straighten it to have a neutral back, I feel like I lose my balance. Standing straight up, my lower back even archs and has that crease in it. Also when doing low weight or an empty bar, still archs. Will be posting a squat form check on Monday.

    Now for close grip. I'm confused on where my grip should be and also wether to pin my elbows against my sides or flare the elbows out. I have tried both and when I pin them to my side, I feel it put pressure on my wrists but I feel it more in my triceps, when I flare I can use more weight and don't really feel it in my triceps.

    Alright here is the form check video.

    YouTube - 413

    EDIT: It's called butt wink.
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    I just bought a belt and it seems to work pretty well, will put it to the test on monday :P
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