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Thread: Swimming and steroids?

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    if you did do that much tren and deca you would be gettin fished out of the pool by carl spackler. "so you got that going for ya"

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    Yeah, I was hoping someone would get a kick out of it. I tried to put together a terrible cycle with crap-arse planning that you couldn't find any recommendations for on any forum. And it's almost believable as I'm a noob.

    I'm not sure if my gains are completely from my diet, but from what I've gathered on this site, diet is roughly 80% of everything so thanks to everyone who I've gleaned dietary advice from. I can definitely feel the test kick in after every shot. It's pharm grade so as far as I can tell, it's supposed to raise my test levels roughly 680 points on average.

    So far, I'm in the third week and I'm being extremely strict on my diet. Energy levels are way up, libido is way up, strength is way up, life is good. I have to say that this forum is awesome and I've learned a ton from the veterans here. Now about that tren/deca cycle.....
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    Well here's an update. I've definitely gained a lot more muscle than I'd expected. Filling out really well. My dry land cardio is going well and I'm still increasing my lifts but my swimming has gone way down hill. It's like my new muscles hate working in he water.

    So, on one hand I get a killer cardio session from 20 mins of swimming now but on the other hand, I can't sprint well over 50 meters. I used to be able to sprint 200 meters and feel decent at be end. Now, after an Intense 50 I'm sucking wind.

    I'll stick with it and let you know how it goes but you guys were right about test and cardio.

    In other news, a hot lady scoped me out in he whirlpool and ended up coming over to talk to me. That type of thing hasn't happened in awhile since I got pudgy. I think the bod is improving a lot so it's all good. . Plus, the babes are in bikinis around the pool which is superior to being in general gym wear....

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    ya, i was afraid itd hurt your times...

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    Update. My squats and deadlifts have gotten better albeit in a very painful way. I was doing my 4rd set of squats, having increased the weight by 110 lbs since I started and as I was pushing up from my final rep of the final set I could barely move and I started thinking "god, what am I doing this for." Seriously, it hurt so much that I almost wanted to give up. But it was awesome. I'm already sore today and feeling great.

    I can't swim for a week or so as I slashed my hand open while preparing dinner so I have to let that heal. I'm trying to figure out what to do to keep growing and gaining without reopening my cut. I think I can do the push exercises for the upper body but pull exercises will probably split my hand open again.

    No worries, I'll figure out something. But if there is any advice, I'd love to hear it. I can put whatever weight I need to on the palm, but I can't pull with my fingers without stressing the wound. What do you think... dry land cardio for a week?

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    Gained 2 lbs last week. My hand has healed well and I'm back to swimming. Holy criminey, my endurance has gone down in the pool. Dry land is still great and my strength is still going up but I'm not impressed with my split times. They've all gone down and 20 laps (roughly 3/5 mile) is torture.

    In an odd way, I'm a big fan of swimming on cycle. It's so much harder than normal and I can tell I'm really getting a workout. Fat is coming off and my tone is showing better. It seems like a 25 minute swimming session leans me out enough to notice the next day. I'll keep posting.

    Incidentally, I'm wondering about adding peptides to my cycle and to transition into PCT. I think I'm going to drop down to 100mg test/week since my natty test is roughly 350 and saving the rest for a blast. I was thinking of cjc-1295 and ghrp-6. I want to maintain what I've built and lean out a bit more. Any thoughts?

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    Well, my split times are back to being as low as they were before starting my little experiment. And my endurance has gotten better as well. I'm not as good at distance but I'm not sucking wind (or water) anymore either.

    So it's taken roughly 6 full weeks to adjust to this cycle and I'm extremely happy with how my physique has been developing. I've got a ways to go but I figure 6 more weeks and I'll be in decent summer shape.

    Obviously this thread is so popular and informative that it should be a sticky... Can I get a "WHAT WHAT!!!"

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    ive been following your thread. Im pleased your times are back, i honestly didnt think youd get them back until after your cycles was done. Pretty crazy strength increase if you put your squat up by 100 pounds... i wouldnt push it to crazy though since your tendants sure wont be used to it, and you wouldntwant to pull one.

    Why is it you would want to stay on 100mg/wk of test? and how long would you do it for?

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    Damnit Shackles! I wish you would've posted your reply a couple days ago. I just messed up my lower back doing squat two days ago so I'm taking it easy. True true to the ligament strength. My legs have always gotten strong faster than the rest of my body so I guess with the extra weight.... Crunch snap! There goes the lumbar. Oh well, it could've been worse. I actually hurt it while I was about 110 lbs shy of my max so I'm glad I didn't have that extra weight to deal with.

    So far I've done 2 days if RICE and I'm feeling a little bit better but I'm still walking like a gimp. I'm going to do some light swimming and hot tubbing tonight but I'm off of squads and deadlifts for probably the rest of this cycle. Next time I'm going to be really patient on building up.

    I was thinking of trying a mix of cjc-1295 and ghrp-6 to got more GH into my system and help the healing process. Any thoughts/advice?

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    Oh yeah, my natty test is roughly 350-380 do I'm on TRT. Thus the 100mgs. But then, since pct is to get my hpta back, I suppose it doesn't make sense to back off that far since it won't come back while I'm still on test, to my understanding. So maybe I should just get used to the idea of coasting on 200/week and keeping my test a bit high so I can keep making gains. Thanks for following this thread. It helps keep me motivated knowing someone is reading it. As always comments are welcome.

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