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Thread: Swimming and steroids?

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    Good news. I was able to work back/biceps today with no problem. I'm healing really fast, which is cool. I had to modify my workout a bit to keep the pressure off my SI joint but I managed to get a killer pump going and after a soak in the hot tub, I was pretty much good to go. Still gotta take it easy but it was awesome not to be gimped up. I'm surprised I'm doing this well so soon as last time I hurt the same spot, it took me three days before I could stand up and that was on pain meds and everything. Maybe the diet/test mix is helping me out.

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    Well, some interesting news. My bench is now 295 1rm. That's a 20 lb gain. Also, I'ce shaved roughly a second off of each leg (2 secs on a 50/4 secs on a 100) but anything longer than that starts to drop off fast. My 200 was almost exactly the same and my 400 is 12 seconds slower so the test helps on short sprints but kills distance. Also, even though I can swim faster for short distances, I'm more tired after each sprint. So it's like I can dig deeper but pay for it. And it takes me longer to catch my breath. And after 20 mins of swimming, I'm feeling so pumped that it's harder to swim. So there's a relatively nshort window of opportunity that I can swim faster.

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    the rapid gains with AAS make the muscle more mass, and not lean muscle, and obviously can't create muscle memory. You'll have to take the time to make that new muscle leaner, and harder, by cause much finer micro tears in the muscle. The power and bulk of AAS is sweet though.

    and im sure you burn out faster because think of the amount of oxygen now record to feed that much more muscle you have, causing your heart to work harder, meaning you're going to have more lactic acid build up alot faster.

    If you cycle again you should for sure try EQ... I added 3 km to my 10 km time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shackles View Post

    If you cycle again you should for sure try EQ... I added 3 km to my 10 km time.
    I'd love to but I don't have a source. No, I'm not asking for one either. I've got access (for entertainment purposes only) to test e/c, deca, winny, I could probably wrangle up some var. Tren would be a homebrew and I'm not really into that.

    Otherwise, sermorelin is a go, and I'm looking at peptides. But all that other stuff comes later, once the first cycle is finished.

    Yeah, I've definitely got to work on my endurance. My body comp has changed pretty drastically so I'm thinking of switching to more endurance exercises for the remainder of this cycle. But I'm also wondering if I'll lose a fair amount of gains so I ought to simply go for size and then keep what I can.

    I'm looking at 100mcg ea/ghrp-6 and cjc-1295 morn, pwo, pre-bed for 40 days post cycle.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with my results. Just gotta keep cutting belly fat and I'll be golden in a few months.

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    Well hello again. My endurance has been picking up a bit. I'm hitting about 25 mins before going down hill fast. lol. And I've cut another 2 seconds off my 50 sprint. That's really significant in swimming, btw. My 100 is 1 second faster than last time I checked in so I'm slowing down on my second 50 but still ahead of where I was. My back is doing better but is still achy and I'm being careful with it. No squats but I've picked up light dead lifts again. I haven't gotten my bodyfat measured but I'm looking leaner. I've gained 4 pounds though so I'm hoping it's lean weight. Just thought I'd keep up the update going. I just reviewed my logs and I've got 4 weeks to go on my 12 week cycle. I've gotta say, endurance or no, this really rocks. I feel really strong all the time and look much better than I did 8 weeks ago. I'll keep posting until the cycle is done. Geeze, I wish I knew where to get some EQ for next time (no, I'm not asking for any sources or anything, just hypothetically saying for entertainment purposes only.)

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    Update. No improvement on my split times since my last post. My lifts have consistently improved and I'm up 4 more pounds of bodyweight, looking stronger and leaner but feeling bloated. My hands are definitely thicker in the fingers. Also, my dry land cardio is still pretty good but my swimming endurance took a dive. I definitely wouldn't want to be competing in anything but the 50 or 100 right now. The 50 would be more my style. Before the cycle, I liked the 100 or 200 better.

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    ya, no doubt your power has gone through the roof, while the tighter muscle fibres well take alot longer to develop. Steroids are for growing, so theyre doing exactly what theyre supposed to. Thats good youre back is getting better, take care of that thing. I found on enanthate my face got kind of bloated, so i deffinately believe you see it in fingers. It's weird how it changes form person to person.

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