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Thread: starting off from scratch...

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    Arrow starting off from scratch...

    The title says it all im starting out from 5'10 roughly 157 lbs and 24....
    I've been working on and off but have finally decided to focus on my goals my previous workout looked something like this
    chest &tricep
    Back and bicep
    legs & shoulder

    Chest was done with completely dumbells as well as shoulders
    my diet was not there at all so I need a few tips from supplements to possibly gear work out and diet haven't worked out in 3 weeks to get my mind out of ny previous workout mentallity and just want to start something good if you need any other info before u can give me advice let me know. Thanks all feedback is appreciated

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    At 24, you can make a lot of gains naturally which I would advise dedicating yourself to achieving first. Gear will always be there, but you're only natural once. I believe you should maximize your natural potential before taking the next step.

    I would like to introduce you to a philosophy I believe would be of great benefit to you. I've disabled the parse link, but you can copy and paste the link into your browser. Good luck!

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