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Thread: Help my squat! Pls watch vid and advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky_bastard! View Post
    It's a rest-pause style to allow 20 reps usually. You do 5 reps, then stand there with the bar and take a couple breaths, then do 5 reps, take a breath or two, etc. until you do 20. But he just kept going. Eventually he was doing 3, then 2, then finally one rep at a time, breathing like a locomotive in between. I've never seen anyone so red in my life. Who knows what his blood pressure was at that time. He said he was aiming for 50, but his arms couldn't hold the bar anymore due to the pressure on his nerves in the cervical region. Whatever the case, it wasn't as easy as I may have made it sound. It probably took a good ten minutes.
    he must of been fairly shakey after.I ocassionally do the rest at the top to gather breath when i start to struggle.Suprised he didnt stumble and fall after.Theres times i have to sit down straight away after squats.Did anyone happen to get it on film?

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    I would recommend reducing the weight a lot slowing down as others have said and your not going anywhere near depth enough imo. Go watch a video of Olympic lifters training front squats or back squats that's the depth I would aim if I was you.

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