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Thread: Question about Arm Training.

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    Default Question about Arm Training.

    I've been trying several different arm workouts (Both Bi and Tri together/Bi and Back/Chest and Tri) over the course of the past few years. I feel like my arms are lagging behind the rest of my body.

    I don't know how to best explain this, but when I work out arms (both bis and tris) I feel a lot of discomfort, almost pain, in and around the tendons through to my forearm. I never leave the gym feeling like I really worked my arms. I have not had soreness after a workout in my arms for a really long time. I always feel like the muscle can do more, but the tendons and forearms can't keep up.

    Does anyone have any exercises that the recommend to really target just the bicep or tricep?

    Current Bi/Tri Workout

    3X8 Barbell Curl 50kg
    3x8 Skull Crusher (w EZ Bar) 60kg
    3x8 Alt. Dumbell Curl 20kg
    3x8 Tricep Ext. with a wrist flick at the end 10kg
    3x8 Cable - Barbel Curl 65kg
    3x8 Cabel -Rope Pulldown 80kg

    So from this vague information anyone have any ideas/help?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Close-grip, palm-facing pull-ups x 8 (weighted if necessary)


    Reverse grip bench press x 8 (Heavy. Use a Smith machine if you don't have a spotter.)

    Cycle through these two 3 or 4 times, resting 3 minutes between supersets and the least amount possible between the two exercises. Give it everything you've got in 3 or 4 sets. Then train shoulders.

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