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Thread: Supersets & DropSets

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    Default Supersets & DropSets

    Hi Guys,

    Was looking for some advice and input from you professional gym rats

    My training throughout the week is split by muscle groups. I.E
    Monday - Chest and triceps
    Plyometric Training PM + Abs
    Tuesday - Track
    Wednesday - Back and Biceps + Abs
    Thursday - Track
    Friday - Legs + Abs
    Saturday - Rest
    Sunday - Cardio AM (Hill running or sand dune running) + Abs
    I do Shoulders on there own as for me they are the hardest to grow as my traps are big and take up alot of the weight being lifted.

    i am looking to bulk and on a high protein diet, should i exhaust my muscles by using drop sets to failure and supersets?

    current moment i dont, but i am not feeling no DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) the next day and i have tried to up the weight but in doing so i start to lack technique :s and i have swaped and changed my exercises but still not feeling like i am gaining

    Any advice would be great!

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    I don't think drop or supersets are the answer as these are high intensity techniques that car wreck havoc on recovery if over used or if there is not enough rest. You may even want to reduce your training to 3x a week. Here is an example:
    Mon: Chest/Back
    Tues: Rest
    Wed: Legs
    Thurs: Rest
    Fri: Shoulders/Arms

    Also what is your diet like?

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    i see what you mean, so im best staying clear of drop and supersets unless i can provide the body with much more rest.

    my diet is as follows;

    Breakfast (8am)
    4 large eggs - Protein: 6g, Calories: 70, Fat: 5g, Carbs: 0g,
    200ml whole milk - Prot: 7, carb: 9(sugars 9) fat: 7(saturates 4) Calories 121.8
    50g Pharma Whey Protein Powder - Protein 40g, Carbs, 2.68g Fat 2.2g Calories 201

    Meal #2 (11am)
    2 to 3 hours later
    Beef 6 oz – Protein 36.3g carbs 0g Fat 7.16g Calories 219
    1/2 sweet potato

    Lunch (1pm)
    Beef 8 ounces – Protein 42g Carbs 0g Fat 8g Calories 250
    1 Cup Rice/Noodles or 1 Sweet Potato potato
    60g Veg

    Snack (3pm)
    50 grams Whey Protein Shake - Protein 40g, Carbs, 2.68g Fat 2.2g Calories 201
    hand full of cashew nuts - Prot: 21, carb: 7(sugars 4), fat: 56(saturates 4)

    Meal #4 Pre Work Out (30mins before workout) (5:30pm)
    3 spoons Peanut Butter - Prot: 12, carb: 5(sugars 2), fat: 25(saturates
    Wheat Bread x4 - Prot: 16, carb: 62(sugars 3), fat: 2, calories 376
    Other 1/2 Baked potato

    Meal #5 Post work Out Meal - Within 60 minutes of training or cardio
    50g Whey Protein Shake - Protein 40g, Carbs, 2.68g Fat 2.2g Calories 201
    5g Creatine + 250ml water

    Meal 6
    8 Ounces Red Meat (10pm) - Protein 42g Carbs 0g Fat 8g Calories 250
    1 medium Sweet potato + Veg

    Meal 7 – Bedtime
    60grams Casein Protein in water (Shake) - Prot: 24, carb: 3(sugars 1)
    100g Cottage Cheese

    The guidelines may be off slightly but there a rough estimate to what im eating a day.

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    I think your diet looks good. The only thing I would change is your pre-workout. This meal should have carbs as your body will be using glycogen and of course you want some protein. A few choices would be 30-40 grams protein and fruit or whole wheat bread.

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    Ok that's great info! Ill change my pre work out meal! Do you think I'm eating enuf to build? This is the 1st time doing this and I am committed but I feel bloated all the time now and with not feeling any DOMs I'm worried that ill increase fat rather than muscle mass.
    Thanks for all your help and info

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    Post your diet in the diet section. What are your stats? Height/weight and BF if you know it.

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    I agree as for needing more rest days. supersetssets and dropsets will just have your CNS and muscles over exausted if you add them in with your current routine.
    If you want to add in a track day/days you could split your routine up even more

    day 1- back + biceps
    day 2- rest
    day 3- legs
    day 4- rest
    day 5- chest triceps + shoulders
    day 6 rest
    day 7 sprints or track
    day-8 rest
    ----> REPEAT
    This is an EOD routine so each muscle group will move a day forward each week, giving each specific muscle group a great time to recover.You have a workout day always followed by a recovery day. Why no abs?,IMO, if you consume alot of calories abs need to be done consitantly to keep them in form and keep unmanted belly fat down.I do my abs post workout for a warmup doing 3 abb excercises @ two sets each, this takes about 5mins-no longer than 10. for example:
    30 incline sit ups,
    15 leg raises (weights optional)
    30 bicycle kicks -----> straight into 30 reverse bicycle kicks
    ---Repeat this once again.

    This is very similar to my routine, and i have no trouble stacking weight. sure with the amount of food being stored bf% can climb a little but i have my sprint days which im still tweaking atm, 3-5 sets of 50m sprints, soon i will incorperate weights, pyrimiding on my sprints per set.The sprint day can also be used as a rest day if needed.

    With a EOD routine, you will need a break to catch up every 2 1/2- 3 months of training. This will help your muscles and CNS recharge. It is needed and you will most probably blow out during the break, but that makes it all the fun in getting back into the gym.I use the eod routine to help keep me in routine so i dont lose enthusiasm as i find it easy to slack off without a consistantcy of training. Also with this routine, you must be on top of diet all day, everyday.

    Your diet isnt bad, but it could use some more vital foods like lima beans, all natural peanut butter, almonds, brown rice, seeds, natural yogurt, advocados,brocoli, brussel sprouts etc. These all aid in food digestion+breakdown, the transportation of proteins, hormone production and muscle protection.

    Keep your lactose foods ( cottage cheese, milk ) away from bedtime where they can be stored.Replace the cottage cheese with some peanut butter or a high protein+fiber meal to reduce hunger pains during the night.I would like to see some chicken in here around lunchtime with some vegatables- the breast from a whole chicken-skin optional. Red meat is very essential, but its not the best idea to eat red meat every day.I eat around 4 serves of red meat per week which is double the recommended intake. Make this a rule, if its a meal with meat, its gotta have some veg. Brown rice will be one of your best friends for a bulking diet, you just have to find the rite amount and fit it into a time of day where it will be used and not stored- cabogen will help with complex carb digestion.With each meal you want to be drinking alot of water, this will help break down food quicker, making them ready for the job there needed for quicker.
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    Stats are 5ft 6

    Dleato -
    thanks for the alternative training programme, it would provide me with bigger rest days if i did do drop or super sets. would you see gains faster from drop or supersets or is it the same if you just do regular lifting?

    i do alot of abs and core work out at the end of my workouts, Core is a major strength for sprints and i hammer it a lot.

    My sprint days are sorted, i have a yearly plan of my sessions starting in winter with alot of endurance and heading towards the indoor sprints season alot more speed and resistance is involved and then when the outdoor season starts its alot of high velocity sprints with good recovery for the replenishment of ATP.

    iv retweek my diet with all the info you have provided, it looks a hell of alot better! and i get what you mean about the red meat! i am eating alot i have added Tuna and COD into my diet as well.

    Thanks for all the info, PM me if you want any info on sprints sessions as well
    or if your interested in seeing what the diet looks like now let us know, cheers guys

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    it would provide me with bigger rest days if i did do drop or super sets
    not best to do this all the time, only on occasions like the last 1 or 2 weeks of training for a break.They are great and leave your muscles feeling so sore that you cant even lift your arms, but if this is consistant on every rotation there will be no size as your working them too much with not enough time to recover.If your on cycle, there can be exceptions, but i have personally done this before with an eod routine and my muscles and overall, body was way overstressed.
    Even to this present day, i never go 100% on a lift.I use to try and push my max weight the last year with ever excercise when pirymiding.I've learnt the hard way and what i do these days i couldnt be happier with. I will lift a weight thats heavy, but a weight where i know i will be able to pereform all reps without failure.I up the weight each set anywhere from 1.5kg-5kg,thats rite, and i love it. Im still reaching a new PB every lift, but not thrashing my body out to hard and coming to a stop on a certain weight for some time, if you understand.Just keep climbing rather than climbing then flatlining for a period.

    sounds good, will def pm you about the sprints ,as im not very informative on that subject.

    as for the tuna, dont eat too much, i use to eat it every day, now i only stick to 2 serves max per week. This will explain:

    I think you will have some good results from this.

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