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Thread: Motivation

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    I am having a ***** of a time getting my motivation back. I broke my hand about a month and a half ago, and tore my knee again, and haven't been able to lift or do cardio. My hand is still broken, but it's good enough to hold onto the weights again. I just can't get into it. My diet went straight to shit, luckily I haven't gained any weight. I know I've lost muscle, and put on some fat. WTF?

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    youtube "muscle prodigy"............great motivational videos. they have helped me stay sane throughout my shoulder injury which has taken me outta the game for awhile.

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    i would give youyrself time off buddy.As much as it may suck the last thing you want to do is aggravate it. I would still eat the same foods, except lower your cals. Keep some brief excercises happening but nothing too dramatic. Just my opinion bro..It sucks, I try to avoid injury at all cost, i couldnt imagen being thrown out of trtaining.

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    Well I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in a while. I was feeling good about it, until I laid under the bench and realized I must have also torn something in my shoulder. Every time I lowered the bar it felt like the muscle was literally tearing apart. I haven't had any pain in it until I tried to bench. Evidently I did more damage when I wrecked my dirt bike than I thought. Looks like I may need more time off, which really sucks cuz without working out I feel like a slob.

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    im the same, without a consistancy of training i feel like shit. Just keep some walking in there daily or some other type of light cardio that will help keep you're bf% down untill you can get back in the gym.

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