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    The most important move you can perform.

    Over the years i've found a way to help me improve on squats. I'm always trying to jump up on weight and usually find that jumping up too much can affect my form and limit how much i can go down to get a nice deep clean squat. i've found that when i do increase weight, although im not performing 100% it does help me get use to the weight and in terms 'increase my support' so im use to that weight next time. So now what i do is after performing a set of squats i can't quite pull off i will cut the weight which will make the the set of lighter squats feel like im squatting nothing. Even tho the weight is lighter, muscles are being hit harder because of the way i learn to support the weight and can go right down and perforrm the movement correctly. theres a few different ways i've been switching this around and ive found that doing my full 3 sets of 'heavy half squats' then doing 3 sets of 'lighter full squats really hits the muscles good. When i first started squatting i had really great progress and my legs were the first muscles that grew on my body, really fast not to mention. After some time i hit a brick wall and wasnt feeling the feeling i use to get and that they weren't growing like they use to. I started to film myself squatting ( which i reccomend ) and that helped me see were i was going wrong. Slowely over time my squats were becoming half squats when they felt like i was doing full squats. so me not liking the idea of dropping the weight completely and taking longer to build up true strength i played around with this idea and it's helped me alot. May seem stupid to some but it's helped me.

    I want to know if anyone else has any tips & tricks on improving not only on squatting but other movements aswell.

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    Kinda like a baseball player putting the donut on the bat to warm up .. makes the bat feel like a twig after a few swings. Good tip !

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    I can only mention the. Calves exercise you recommended months ago! I like it. Sort of gone off of it lately but it's great!
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    yeah, im kinda keen to see what other muscles that would work with. every since i started them my calves grow alot more, always sore and have alot more definition

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