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Thread: Chest Workout

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    Default Chest Workout

    This section really should get more attention. Lots of people think the roids come first, and training second.

    Anyways i just wanted to share the chest workout i did today. Most of the time I do something quite different from this, but I wanted to try something new so here it is:

    2 warm up sets on incline bench (the ole rotator cuff has to get warmed up for me)
    3 working sets on incline bench 6-8reps (i go heavy on these, cause i won't be able to after...
    grab some dumbells with a weight you can get for 12 reps.
    12 reps of incline flys, really strict. When you get to 12, drop the db and immediatley move into incline barbell presses.
    Around rep 6 my pecs are like WTF? get 4 more so you have 10 reps of presses.
    3 sets of the flys followed by presses. That gives you a total of 6 sets. on incline.
    Now i went over to decline. Grab some Dumbells
    12 reps of decline flys, followed immediately by decline presses.
    3 sets like that.
    2 sets of presses only with a weight i can get 10 times.

    I then went over to the pec deck and did FST 7 I love FST!

    The importance of moving right into the pressing movement after the flys is crucial.
    Ok, so nothing groundbreaking here, but you really gotta leave ego at the door when you do these pre-exhausting fly movements.

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    Hey are you still using this routine? I am going to give it a shot. Was not impressed with my last workout on chest, figure it's time to switch it up. Thanks for the info

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    I do something similar Will, but I do 3 sets of Inc BB press, then I do 3 sets Inc db flyes and on the last rep of flyes (at failure) I twist hands around and start repping out inc db presses with the same weight as I use for flyes, so no rest whatsoever between flyes and db press's. I do the same for Flat Bench, then Flat flyes/db press's. Its killer, the pecs are pumped so full I have difficulty moving my upper body when finished.
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    I love workouts like that!

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