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Thread: working out too much?? cant argue with results

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    Default working out too much?? cant argue with results

    hi guys,

    im going to be starting a new cycle in august, my cycle will be between 12-16 (not decided yet) of Test Prop and Masteron Prop for 12 weeks and in the final 4 or 6 weeks (not yet decided) ill be adding winstrol pills starting at 50mg/day and gradually move up to 80-100mg per day. please let me know what you guys think about this

    Anyway the main reason i came here was to ask about my workouts, my pre cycle workouts. I am 5'9 187 pounds 27 years old not sure the body fat% but my abs are cuts are visible. In the last since January i began working out with a former body builder and has completely changed the way i work out and diet. Since January i have gained about 5-6 pounds of muscle while getting leaner, even though my goal is not to lean up just yet, it happened on its own.

    Sample of workout


    4 sets of pullups

    4 sets of reverse grip bent over rows

    3 sets front lat pulldowns

    3 sets Back lat pulldowns

    3 sets of dumbbell rows

    3 sets of iso lateral lat pullback (not sure if correct name)


    4-5 sets of front squats

    3 sets of Front Squats

    4 sets of Romanian deadlifts

    4 sets of leg extensions

    3-4 sets not sure the name but its the machine where you lay down on your stomach and lift with your hamstrings.

    4 sets of seated calve raises

    4 sets of standing calve raises


    4-5 sets of Bench press

    4 sets of incline bench

    3 sets of dumbbell press flat

    3-4 sets of incline cable flies

    3 sets of dumbbell declines

    3 sets of any other random chest workout

    i didnt mention shoulders and arms but its just as intense with as much volume as well

    i know some may say its too much i was the same but you cant argue with results

    My goal is to be as big as i can get from now till august because i want to get as lean as i possibly can on my cycle while putting on at least 6-7 pounds of quality muscle. my FINAL goal is 195 pounds and ripped.

    what do you guys think????

    thanks in advance

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    I think that if you have gained 6 lbs of pure muscle since January (3 months) then dont change a damn thing!!!! Dont cycle until you havent gained anything for over 3 months, have tweaked your diet and training and your 101% sure that you have reached your natty limits. Your final goal is only 8lbs away so you should be able to achieve that natty within the next 4-5 months. Hell bro I would love to be able to make those type of gains, as I said, dont change a damn thing!!!!!
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    thanks bro,

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    Hazcat Guest


    Nice....I like volume training and have good results with it. I'd like to see your shoulder workout. have front squats listed twice.

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